Well Shit Needlepoint

My 2023 Needlepoint Challenge

My 2023 Needlepoint Challenge 642 1141 Jenn Pennell

My 2023 Needlepoint Challenge. What started as a fun hobby during shutdown has turned into an addiction that I don’t want to recover from. Hello Love! Back in 2020, needlepoint became one of the go-to trends during lock down, along with organizing and gardening. I love the idea of having a simple project in my…

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21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21

21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21 768 1024 Jenn Pennell

  Hello Love! If you follow me on Instagram, YOU KNOW my new-found love for needlepointing. I started my first project last year and I’ve had SO much fun with it! When I started seeing the #ndlpt21in21 hashtag floating around IG, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I also decided that this…

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Learning to Needlepoint

Learning to needlepoint with NeedlePaint

Learning to needlepoint with NeedlePaint 497 1024 Jenn Pennell

Learning to needlepoint with NeedlePaint. Thanks to Needlepaint for sponsoring today’s post! Hello Love! 2020 was the year we all stayed home. We all stayed home and watched TV, didn’t get out of our jammies and picked up new hobbies, right? Did you pick up a new hobby over the past year? While my family…

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