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How To Decorate A Birthday Table For a Teenage Girl

How To Decorate A Birthday Table For a Teenage Girl 1920 2560 Jenn Pennell

How To Decorate A Birthday Table for a Teenage Girl

It’s really hard to believe our middle, RJ, is now 14. It seems like just yesterday our little pouty-lip diva was born and here we are, celebrating the big 1-4. My little hippy/bohemian child wanted a daisy-themed party so with a few decor pieces, we created a simple little party. Here’s how to decorate a birthday table for a teenage girl.

The most important part of the planning was the cake design. It’s always so fun to scour Pinterest for the perfect design and as soon as she came across this adorable blue and white daisy cake, she knew it was what she wanted. My sweet momma friend Della made this cake and it was perfect. She’s made a lot of our cakes and you can see them all in these posts if you’re needing inspiration.

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The partyware part is always the easiest. Usually, we go to Hobby Lobby and just pick out solid coordinating colors to match the theme but this time we just ran to Target to get what we needed. After finding these cute springtime plates, napkins, and adorable felt daisy banners in their seasonal section, we knew they were perfect. We also grabbed these great paper daisy streamers to give a little extra pizzaz to the decor.

We brought in a few staple birthday party pieces like our Happy Everything Cake Plate Stand and Cake Server that we use for every party.

And you always have to have a bouquet of flowers for a girly party, right? We grabbed a bunch of white and yellow daisies from Publix, threw them in a vase, and voila! A cute centerpiece for your table.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to create a fun birthday table for a teen. Dressing up your table with a cute cake, fun plates and napkins, and a bouquet of flowers is all you really need to make it look great.

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Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

How to Create a Farmhouse Tablescape

How to Create a Farmhouse Tablescape 1920 2560 Jenn Pennell

How to Create a Farmhouse Tablescape

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

If there’s one area of my house I can’t stand to have a mess, it’s the kitchen table. I LOATE when the chairs are out of place, clothes are laying everywhere and there’s paper of any kind laying on it. DRIVES ME BONKERS.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

I absolutely love to have my dining table set with my dishes and drinkware at all times so it’s always ready for unexpected company. We don’t use our fancy dishes for every meal (we do love our paper plates) but it’s much nicer to take off dishes than taking off a bunch of collected junk.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

When it comes to decorating a table, I try to use everyday classic pieces that don’t go out of style and then glam it up by changing simple things like chargers and napkins. Classic white dishes don’t have to be boring! These are my original white Mikasa French Countryside wedding dishes that I got over 17 years ago and we use them quite often. The water goblets and salt and pepper shakers are also part of my wedding collection so it’s nice that they get used too.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

My centerpiece usually gets changed out often to give it a new look but most of the other pieces stay the same. The dishes and chargers are classic neutrals so they pretty much match anything I get. I do love to change out the napkins and napkin rings to fun and different designs throughout the seasons. I grab new ones at TJMaxx, Homegoods, and Hobby Lobby quite often.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

The water goblets are the newest addition to the table since my kids are now old enough to be trusted with them. It feels so fancy to drink out of them.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

Tips for setting a great tablescape

  1. Use what you have. Don’t feel like you need to go out and spend money on all new items for a beautiful table. Get creative and add pieces that match what you already have.
  2. If you’re buying new, you can’t go wrong with neutrals. Colorful Fiesta dishes were all the rage when I got engaged but my mom talked me into these classic white and I’m so glad I listened. While I go have a bunch of colorful Fiesta, my heart goes for the white every single time.
  3. Don’t go all matchy-matchy. Coordinate colors and mix patterns to give a fun POP to solid pieces.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

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