The perfect Spring dress

The perfect Spring dress 150 150 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love!The daffodils are blooming, the grass is getting greener, our allergies are all out of whack….yes, S P R I N G is here! It’s almost time to bring out the shorts, flip flops, and those pale legs.With Easter around the corner is time to start looking for that perfect Easter dress.  For the…

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Scout Bags

Scout Bags 150 150 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love!Scout bags were first brought to my attention when I visited AmericasMart a few years ago for my store.  They were always so amazing and I really don’t know why I never carried them.  They can all be monogrammed and the design selections are fantastic! The bags come in THE BEST colors and patterns and this time I…

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Skinny scarf love

Skinny scarf love 150 150 Jenn Pennell

One skinny piece of fabric.One serious style game changer.Tie it into a super cool 70’s YSL-era bow. Knot it around your waist as a flowing sash belt.Knot it as a beautiful headscarf in the summer.There are so many ways to wear a great scarf like this and this Rifle Paper color pattern can be worn all…

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JORD Wood Watch

JORD Wood Watch 150 150 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love!Over the past year and a half, I’ve been showing you what I love: my family, my fashion, and just life in general. When it comes to the fashion though, I am showing you the things that I love.  I’m not here to promote a bunch of crap, I’m showing you the things that…

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Tieks Shoes

Tieks Shoes 1066 1600 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love! Let’s face it…moms are busy. Crazy busy. I would love to wear heels and stilettos every day, but come on, they just aren’t practical for a busy mom on the go 24-7.  I’ve got to have a shoe that I can walk in all day at work and then all the hours till my head…

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Mixed patterns

Mixed patterns 150 150 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love!You all know I love my gingham button down, well, button downs in general, but this one is my top favorite.  I feel like I can pretty much piece it together with anything and it just works. This olive army vest is probably my favorite piece to wear in the fall and winter. I wear it aaaalllll…

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and all at once, summer collapsed into fall.

and all at once, summer collapsed into fall. 150 150 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love!It’s amazing to me that October is almost over already.  It seemed like we just got out of the 90 degree weather and now, here we are in sweater weather.  Our peak week in fall is usually right at Halloween but because we’re in a severe drought, most of our leaves have turned and…

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Amy Anne Apparel

Amy Anne Apparel 150 150 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love!A few posts ago I showed off this beautiful blanket scarf from my sweet friend Amy over at AmyAnneApparel.  Today, I’m showing you another one of her fabulous scarves!  I’m such a lover of color and this one matches so much! I can’t get enough of this blue Gap dress and it does perfectly…

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How to wear a summer dress into fall

How to wear a summer dress into fall 150 150 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love!The warm weather is back again with record breaking temps at 90 degrees!  We’re due for a cool down this weekend and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  I wore my favorite dress, the LuLaRoe “Amelia” today with my cute orange Tory Burch sandals, but I thought I’d wear it in a fall version for you…

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Corduroy & Plaid

Corduroy & Plaid 150 150 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love!My sweet friend Amy, over at AmyAnneApparel sent me a few items to show you including this amazing monogrammed blanket scarf! Paired up with my favorite brown boots and this adorable corduroy shirt dress from Goodwill!  Navy is definitely my favorite color for fall!Dress // Gap (found at Goodwill) (similar here & here)Scarf // AmyAnneApparel (other…

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