Best Plants For Beginners

Best Plants For Beginners 768 1024 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love! Whenever I post one of my pretty plant babies on Instagram I always get asked about which plants are best for beginners. I’m definitely no expert but I will share which plants I’ve been able to keep alive for almost a year. I’m pretty proud that my thumb isn’t so black anymore. 😂…

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How to propagate plants in water

How to propagate plants in water 564 846 Jenn Pennell

Hello Love! So, plants have pretty much taken over every room in my home. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve been collecting plants to help bring life into our house and add earthy green tones to the decor. Even though some plants can be a little pricy, if I know I can propagate them…

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What To Grow in a Vertical Garden

What To Grow in a Vertical Garden 564 845 Jenn Pennell

What to grow in a vertical garden Hello Love! Gardening has become Cal’s absolute favorite hobby. We planted a big vegetable garden in the backyard about a month ago and we got her this amazing vertical garden for her to plant whatever she wanted. We’re keeping it on our front porch, right outside her bedroom…

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