Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair 642 1141 Jenn Pennell

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair. Here are my three MUST-HAVE fall hair accessories for both curly and straight-haired girls!

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair

Hello Love!

Whether you’re a curly-haired girl like me or don straight hair on your head, these inexpensive fall hair accessories are perfect to match your autumn wardrobe.

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair

While visiting my local TJ Maxx last week, I snagged these amazing accessory bundles at unbelievable prices. If you’re ever on the hunt for cute hair pieces, be sure to check TJ’s first. You can’t beat the pricing of these as they ranged from $4.99 to $6.99 for the sets. So great, RIGHT?!

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair

Headbands are a staple for any curly-haired girl. They’re always great if your hair is being a little on the poofy side and help keep down the frizzies on “dirty” hair days, like how mine is here. They help keep all my flyaways at bay.

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair

Hair clips are an accessory that I used to wear A LOT in my high school and college days. They disappeared for a while but I’m so glad they’ve come back around in fashion. I love that I’m able to easily pull my hair back out of my face but don’t have the “pull” that ponytail holders do. You curly-haired girls know that once you commit to that ponytail, it’s hard to go back.

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair

This accessory is probably my favorite of them all. 90% of the day, my hair is in a ponytail. I absolutely LOVE that I can still have my hair all pulled back but it doesn’t look like I’m headed to the gym. These scrunchie scarves are a perfect way to add a bit of pizzazz to what can be a drab look.

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair

Whether it’s still autumn when you’re reading this or a completely different season, be sure to stop by your local TJ Maxx to find cute accessories for the season. You seriously can’t beat the cuteness of these or their prices.

Fall Hair Accessories For Curly Hair


Young Living Savvy Minerals Review

Young Living Savvy Minerals Review 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Young Living Savvy Minerals ReviewI’m so excited to share with you my new Young Living Savvy Minerals Review. I received my new Young Living Savvy Mineral starter kit last week and I finally got time today to break it all open and photograph it all. I was going to just slap it on and call it a day but I thought, why not share my thoughts with you! I have a TON of makeup so I was hesitant to purchase the kit, but the more I thought about it, if I’m trying so hard to weed out all the chemical junk that my family has been using FOREVER, why would I keep applying the same ol’ crud to ma face?!
It was time to change.
Young Living Savvy Minerals Review
I was going to start off with individual pieces, the foundation, eyeshadow or two, and a blush, but by the time I added all those up and realized I could save over $120 by buying the kit. You know this coupon/discount-loving girl couldn’t turn that down.
Alright, let’s get started!


My dear friend Jaclyn (who lent me her kit) had a makeup party a while back and I color matched the Warm 2 color. Being an autumn palette, I knew the warm color would definitely be a better match than a cool-toned foundation.  The kit comes with one of their AMAZING foundation brushes for you to use to apply the minerals. Their brushes are SERIOUSLY the softest brushes that I’ve ever used.
Before applying my foundation I did apply my Dermalogica face primer to help it stay in place, but honestly, I don’t know if it needs it and will try it next time without it. I applied the Misting Spray to my brush so it would pick up the minerals better. I still can’t believe how evenly it went on. I do plan on buying the Warm 1 color at some point to use as a highlighter too.
Young Living Savvy Minerals Review


For my eyebrows I used my normal e.l.f eyebrow gel, but will hopefully start using the Multitasker brown eyebrow/eyeliner powder. It should come in tomorrow! 🎉


The three colors that come with the kit are Best Kept Secret (a beautiful nude matte), Spoiled (a shimmery light pink), and Unscripted (a warm purple matte). I personally am a lover of matte colors so I knew these would look great on my eyes. I do love a little sparkle in my makeup, but only in certain places, and I don’t love my whole eye to be gleaming like a 90s school girl. Being a brunette with brown eyes, purple is ALWAYS a good color for me to wear and I absolutely love how pigmented these colors were when applied with wet brushes. YL hasn’t come out with the widest range of colors yet, but they’re still pretty new to this game.
(I have 5 more colors arriving on my doorstep this week 😏)
My review of Young Living Savvy Minerals Starter Kit Warm, Cool, Dark


Since I don’t have the SM bronzer, I used my Hoola by Benefit matte bronzer to contour my face before applying the blush. I have to be honest, I was not thrilled with the “I Do Believe You’re Blushing'” blush when I opened it…it’s SUPER sparkly and I’m not one for a glittery blush, until I tried it on.
HOLY CRAYOLA, it’s the most BEAUTIFUL blush I have ever seen! Yes, it’s sparkly and glittery but it’s SOOOOOOOOO pretty on. I may try layering it with a more matte blush and using this as a pretty pink highlighter on top too.


The kit also comes with one of their sheer lip glosses, Embrace. This was probably my least favorite piece in the kit, only because it was too light for my complexion. While I’m not much of a dark lip kinda girl, I needed a little more color than what this offered. I will probably layer it over a warmer nude-tone lipstick next time.  I did, however, purchase their brand new color, Headliner, and I AM STOKED to try it out! It’s a sexy, bright pink color that I know I will LOVE with all my Lilly Pulitzer attire this summer. I also want to try the new bright pink lipsticks too. They look so pretty!
Last but not least, no Young Living Starter Kit is complete without a bottle of oil! So smart of them to include the Holy Grail, the swiss army knife of all oils, Lavender. Loved for its calming, soothing fragrance, it was the perfect addition to this beautiful kit.
Well ladies, there you have it, The Savvy Mineral Starter Kit.
All the foxy, without the toxy.
Feel confident without compromises with mineral-based makeup that combines premium formulas with pure ingredients, so you can embrace your natural beauty without sacrificing your standards!
Young Living Savvy Minerals Review
If you would love to purchase any of the pieces of this fabulous new line just let me know! I will be more than happy to help you!
Young Living Savvy Minerals Review

How to wash and tame your curly hair

How to wash and tame your curly hair 150 150 Jenn Pennell
It’s here! It’s Here! IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!
I get asked almost daily how I fix my hair everyday.
Please don’t hate me, but it’s crazy fast and easy. 
I don’t know how I got so lucky to end up with this hair, but I’m so thankful everyday that it takes me no time at all. 

First things first…let’s talk about washing.
I try to go as many days as possible without shampooing my hair.
However, I condition my hair EVERY night!  I will wet and condition every night to help tame frizz and to keep cute curls. I also only condition the ends on the dirtier hair days because it makes my roots more greasy.
I’m not super picky on what brand of shampoo, just as long as it’s a combo.  The more conditioner the better!

This, however, is my GO-TO mac-daddy conditioner that I always use. It’s my favorite and I use about 2 pumps every night.

You ready for my FAVORITE hair product EVER?! 
Friends, this product is amazing! I put this on my wet hair and then go to bed.
I go to bed with wet hair and I wake up like…

I know, super scary right?
When I first started going to bed with wet hair, I basically woke up like this

But then, I discovered the leave-in conditioner and learned to put my hair above the pillow like this.

I know you think I’m crazy…
but it’s TRUE!

Next up, gel.
This is another go-to product.  I’ve tried just about every gel out there and this is definitely my FAVORITE!
I put my first “coat” on as soon as I get up on dry hair!  I do NOT wet my hair!
I then put on my second and hopefully final coat right before I leave my house.

I always let my hair air dry, but I do have a hair dryer & diffuser in case I’m ever in a hurry or need a little volume added to my roots, but that’s a rarity.

Ok, I feel like this is a little necessary because I am not a hair expert.  This is what works for me and I hope it works for you.  I try to keep it as healthy as I can, which means it very rarely gets straightened or heated.  I always say that my hair is “trained” because it rarely goes from the extremes of being curly and straight.  So many girls say they have curly hair, but it doesn’t curl like mine, but that may be because I keep mine natural all the time. 
Like, I said, I’m no expert 🙂  This is simply my opinions.

How about my adorable Tennessee t-shirt I’m donning?
The sweet folks at The Home T sent it to me a few days ago ANDILOVEIT!
These super cozy/soft shirts are made in the U.S.A. and they also donate a portion of their profits to multiple sclerosis research!  How fantastic is that?!
Thanks guys!

My sweet friend over at Avenue Blue sent me this adorable mug
 and I knew this was the perfect post to show it off.
Thanks so much Beth!
I’m exhausted!

Makeup routine

Makeup routine 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Hello Love!
Today I’m showing you my everyday makeup routine!  As a working mom of three it’s all about easy and fast with this gal.  Everything I use can be found at your local Target or drug store.
Here we go!
I LOVE this under eye cream! I received this sample in one of my monthly Birchbox  and I will definitely reorder when its gone!
Foundation: Covergirl Tru Blend 15 – Creamy Natural
Ho hum…isn’t it the saddest when you’re almost out of your favorite product? This concealer is from Sheer Cover and came with their mineral powder kit.
Now, my favorite product!
e.l.f. eyebrow kit in medium 

Girls, filling in those brows is so important!!
My brows are very sparse, light in color, and have an arch shape. With this eyebrow makeup I can shape them how I like and fill in all that dead space!  This is the one makeup item I CAN’T live without!
This eye shadow combo IS MY FAVORITE!
I change it up every few days, but this one rules over all! Keep in mind, this may not work on everyone!
The top eye liner is another favorite of mine from N.Y.C., but it’s all gone.  Instead I’m wearing the Covergirl brown & eye makers in medium brown.  It’s ok, just not as dark and pigmented as I like.
Powder: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear loose powder in Translucent light.
*Note: I always put this on before my mascara so it doesn’t stick to them*
Mascara: Loreal Voluminous Original in black
Blush: NYX Espresso PB23
Suck in those cheeks!
So, this one time I went out taking pictures and when I finished all my eyebrow makeup had worn off my right eye from the camera!  TALK ABOUT EMBARRASSING! I bought this right after that and it’s amazing! I don’t use it every day, just when I’m on the job 🙂
**The heavens parted and the angels sang**
This lipstick is my new favorite!  It’s Covergirl 345 Everlasting Immortal.
The only thing I don’t’ care for is that it’s got glitter in it, but the color is very pretty.  It’s worn in most of my photos.
That’s it!  If you have any questions about anything I use, leave me a message in the comments section below!