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How To Store Sweaters

How To Store Sweaters 1920 2560 Jenn Pennell

How To Store Sweaters

How To Store Sweaters

Today I’m continuing my closet series by showing you how you can store sweaters over the spring and summer months.

After purging my closet a few years ago, I no longer change out my closet with the change of the seasons. I keep fall/winter clothes on one side and spring and summer on the other.

How To Store Sweaters

For your wool and cashmere sweaters, you’re going to want to store them in some type of storage bag. This is a great way to keep them clean and bug-free. This washable and breathable sweater storage bag on Amazon was under $30 and perfect to keep my sweaters safe. 8 sweaters fit into this bag with room to spare.

For your cotton and polyester sweaters, folding them on shelves or hanging them on hangers is perfectly fine. While you’re getting ready to make a mess changing your closet around, now is a great time to change your hangers to velvet ones. Not only are they much thinner than the plastic ones, but they’re amazing at keeping your tops in place so they don’t slide off.How To Store Sweaters

Wondering how to hang your sweaters correctly without getting shoulder bumps? Check out THIS BLOG POST.


Layered Bedding

Layered Bedding 2560 1920 Jenn Pennell

A special THANKS to Cathay Home for sponsoring today’s layered bedding blog post!

layered bedding

You may remember in my new master bedroom set post from last month that I hinted around that one of the reasons I got two bedroom sets is because I can just switch them around anytime I want to give my bedroom a completely different look. When you find great quality bedding at incredible prices, like at Cathay Home, it’s easy to get exactly what you want.

layered bedding

The white down-alternative comforter was the main focal bedding before and now it’s the mushroom-colored quilt set. I love that the quilt brings extra warmth to the room and still matches the fun colors of the area rug.

I love that I was able to incorporate all the pillows I previously had and didn’t need to invest any more into the space. That’s something my husband and bank account truly appreciate.

Ready to shop my layered bedding sets? You can find all the links HERE:

White Comforter –

Mushroom Quilt Set –

layered bedding

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How To Decorate A Birthday Table For a Teenage Girl

How To Decorate A Birthday Table For a Teenage Girl 1920 2560 Jenn Pennell

How To Decorate A Birthday Table for a Teenage Girl

It’s really hard to believe our middle, RJ, is now 14. It seems like just yesterday our little pouty-lip diva was born and here we are, celebrating the big 1-4. My little hippy/bohemian child wanted a daisy-themed party so with a few decor pieces, we created a simple little party. Here’s how to decorate a birthday table for a teenage girl.

The most important part of the planning was the cake design. It’s always so fun to scour Pinterest for the perfect design and as soon as she came across this adorable blue and white daisy cake, she knew it was what she wanted. My sweet momma friend Della made this cake and it was perfect. She’s made a lot of our cakes and you can see them all in these posts if you’re needing inspiration.

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The partyware part is always the easiest. Usually, we go to Hobby Lobby and just pick out solid coordinating colors to match the theme but this time we just ran to Target to get what we needed. After finding these cute springtime plates, napkins, and adorable felt daisy banners in their seasonal section, we knew they were perfect. We also grabbed these great paper daisy streamers to give a little extra pizzaz to the decor.

We brought in a few staple birthday party pieces like our Happy Everything Cake Plate Stand and Cake Server that we use for every party.

And you always have to have a bouquet of flowers for a girly party, right? We grabbed a bunch of white and yellow daisies from Publix, threw them in a vase, and voila! A cute centerpiece for your table.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to create a fun birthday table for a teen. Dressing up your table with a cute cake, fun plates and napkins, and a bouquet of flowers is all you really need to make it look great.

Looking to throw a Hawaiian-themed party? Check out my fun Jimmy Buffett-inspired party HERE!

Fabula Coffee Review

Fabula Coffee Review 1920 2560 Jenn Pennell

Fabula Coffee Review

My blood type is caffeine. 🤍☕️🤍 I don’t know about you but I’m always ready for my Fabula Coffee in the morning. 😴 Keep reading for my Fabula Coffee Review and I’ll tell you how to save 20% off your order!

Fabula Coffee Review

Fabula Coffee Review

When they say magical, they ain’t kidding! 🤩 I’m definitely not a coffee snob but never in my life have I had coffee as good as this kind from Fabula Coffee.

After having about a million ads pop up on my Facebook and Instagram pages talking about how most coffees in the US are low quality and often loaded with mold, I started doing a bit of research. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I’d always heard how coffee in Europe was so different than what we have here but I never really gave it a second thought. Since I drink so much coffee every day, I knew a change was needing to be made. One day, an ad from Fabula popped up and after reading into the company and all the reviews, I knew it was what I was going to try.

It’s organic, low acid, and freshly roasted when you order. The Hubs and I aren’t even big fans of dark roast but this is by far the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. Go get yourself a treat and order a bag or two. I PROMISE you won’t regret it! 🙌🏻🤍💙🤍

Organic, low acid, and so yummy 🤤.

Use my code SHAWAVENUE to save 20% on your order! 💙

Be sure to check back in a few weeks to read my review on my Breville Bambino Coffee Maker, where I make all of this delicious coffee.

Best Farmhouse Primitive Decor From Amazon

Best Farmhouse Primitive Decor From Amazon 1080 1350 Jenn Pennell

Best Farmhouse Primitive Decor From Amazon

If you’re like me, you LOVE farmhouse decor. When I’m on the hunt for new decor, I always find the best farmhouse primitive decor on Amazon.

Wood Bead Garland with Tassels

Wooden bead garlands are great to lay on coffee tables or on a dining table to add a fun shape and texture. Drape them on baskets, around books, or even around planters.

SHOP this garland here: Wood Bead Garland with Tassels

Set of 4 18×18 Farmhouse Decor Pillow Covers

These pillow covers are just the cutest! Perfect for couches, chairs, and outdoor furniture. This company has a bunch of different designs for you to choose from so be sure to check them out!

SHOP these pillow covers here: Set of 4 18×18 Farmhouse Decor Pillow Covers

Farmhouse Stripe Kitchen Towels

4.5 out of 5 stars for this set of 12 dishes and under $17? SOLD! There are over 3,100 reviews too so you know they’re good!

SHOP these kitchen towels here: Farmhouse Stripe Kitchen Towels

Globe Patio Lights

We are in the process of finishing up our screened-in porch so these are also sitting in my amazon cart. As soon as the screen gets put up, these babies will be draped from the ceiling.

SHOP these lights here: Globe Patio Lights

Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set

This mason jar bathroom organization set is just the CUTEST! If you want to keep all your bathroom necessities neat and clean, these would be perfect for sitting on the counter. These have almost 8900 reviews, available in 3 colorways, and under $20.

SHOP these bathroom accessories here: Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set

Set of 3 Potholder Trivets

These potholder trivets are a necessity in my kitchen. From using them to place hot pots and dishes on to using them as placemats, they get used almost every day at our house.

SHOP these trivets here: Set of 3 Potholder Trivets

Set of Two Farmhouse Plug-in Wall Sconces Brass Wall Lamp with Fabric Shade

Man, I wish I had the wall space to put them on either side of our master bed. I LOVE that they just plug into an outlet and don’t have to be installed by an electrician. Also, BRASS IS BACK! If you don’t have any brass accessories in your home, this is your sign!

SHOP these wall sconces here: Set of Two Farmhouse Plug-in Wall Sconces Brass Wall Lamp with Fabric Shade

Ceramic Vase

Here’s another decor piece sitting in my amazon cart. Just picture it filled with moss sitting on my dining table or filled with seashells from the beach. Such a great piece!

SHOP this ceramic vase here: Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Vase Set

These vases are just so versatile! They’d look great on a nightstand, bathroom counter, and even an entryway table.  Comes in 4 different colorways and is under $25. So so cute!

SHOP these vases here: Ceramic Vase Set

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Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

How to Create a Farmhouse Tablescape

How to Create a Farmhouse Tablescape 1920 2560 Jenn Pennell

How to Create a Farmhouse Tablescape

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

If there’s one area of my house I can’t stand to have a mess, it’s the kitchen table. I LOATE when the chairs are out of place, clothes are laying everywhere and there’s paper of any kind laying on it. DRIVES ME BONKERS.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

I absolutely love to have my dining table set with my dishes and drinkware at all times so it’s always ready for unexpected company. We don’t use our fancy dishes for every meal (we do love our paper plates) but it’s much nicer to take off dishes than taking off a bunch of collected junk.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

When it comes to decorating a table, I try to use everyday classic pieces that don’t go out of style and then glam it up by changing simple things like chargers and napkins. Classic white dishes don’t have to be boring! These are my original white Mikasa French Countryside wedding dishes that I got over 17 years ago and we use them quite often. The water goblets and salt and pepper shakers are also part of my wedding collection so it’s nice that they get used too.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

My centerpiece usually gets changed out often to give it a new look but most of the other pieces stay the same. The dishes and chargers are classic neutrals so they pretty much match anything I get. I do love to change out the napkins and napkin rings to fun and different designs throughout the seasons. I grab new ones at TJMaxx, Homegoods, and Hobby Lobby quite often.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

The water goblets are the newest addition to the table since my kids are now old enough to be trusted with them. It feels so fancy to drink out of them.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

Tips for setting a great tablescape

  1. Use what you have. Don’t feel like you need to go out and spend money on all new items for a beautiful table. Get creative and add pieces that match what you already have.
  2. If you’re buying new, you can’t go wrong with neutrals. Colorful Fiesta dishes were all the rage when I got engaged but my mom talked me into these classic white and I’m so glad I listened. While I go have a bunch of colorful Fiesta, my heart goes for the white every single time.
  3. Don’t go all matchy-matchy. Coordinate colors and mix patterns to give a fun POP to solid pieces.

Tablescape Inspiration! Classic Table Decor

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Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag

Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag 2560 1920 Jenn Pennell

Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag

Summer is just around the corner and as I’m getting ready to pack up my sweaters, I thought I would try this cashmere sweater storage bag from Amazon.

Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag

I’ve always been lazy and just let my sweaters either hang all summer or kept them folded on a shelf. Since investing in better pieces over the winter, I knew I needed to try and keep them safe from bugs.

There were many to choose from on Amazon but this particular one had great reviews for a great price.

There were mixed reviews about how many sweaters would fit in the bag but I fit 8 nicely with room to spare for one or two more light ones.

The bag of cedar shavings was a nice addition, but it did make a little bit of a mess. I added a little tissue paper to catch any shavings from getting embedded in my sweaters.

When it’s sweater season again, I’ll be sure to come back here and give my full Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag review.

Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag

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Our Stay at Greystone Lodge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Our Stay at Greystone Lodge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee 2016 1512 Jenn Pennell

Our Stay at Greystone Lodge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Gatlinburg, Tennesse is one of our favorite places to travel. Located about an hour from Knoxville, Tennessee, it’s a great place to get away for a weekend or even a quick day trip to visit The Great Smokey Mountains.

4 years ago, we took a fun ride up to Gatlinburg and I shared all the fun things we did in THIS BLOG POST. I go into detail on where we stayed, where we ate, and what activities we did all in a day. Be sure to check it out if you’re planning a trip!

We stayed at The Greystone Lodge On The River, in the Two-Room Family Suite Queen with Bunk. We had such an amazing time that we knew we would be back to stay there again. Here are some of our personal pictures of that room.

We traveled back to Gatlinburg this past week for a quick little girl’s trip during spring break and booked our stay again at The Greystone. 

Peaceful Location

The location is one of the best parts of the hotel. Located across the street from both Ripley’s Aquarium and Anakeesta, it’s in the heart of the city without being on the main strip.

It’s located right on the river so you’ll love hearing the gentle sounds of the water below. Listen closely and you may even get to hear and see a duck or two. The cute ducks are another reason my girls love staying there.

Many Room Options

Since it was just 4 of us, we booked the double queen executive room and it was perfect for two adults and two kids. My girls were a little disappointed we didn’t get the family suite again but it was already booked. They loved having the bunk beds.

Free Complimentary Breakfast

I do wish I would have taken a photo of the free complimentary breakfast buffet they serve. They have everything from cereals, bagels, to eggs and biscuits and gravy and it’s all delicious. It’s a great perk when you’ve got a hungry family to feed in the morning and don’t want to wait in line for a table elsewhere.

There are many other amenities available like an outdoor swimming pool (open April-October), a fitness room, and complimentary parking.

With its breathtaking river views and walking distance to everything in downtown Gatlinburg, you can’t go wrong with at stay at The Greystone Lodge On The River.

This post and second stay were not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet Review

Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet Review 2560 1920 Jenn Pennell

Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet Review

Two Christmases ago, I received a package in the mail.

One of those packages you have to be home to sign for. YOU KNOW it’s something super special when you have to give your signature for something.

My two bosses, Angela Lanter and Emily Ann Gemma got together and purchased the Louis Vuitton Emilie wallet for me.

AND I DIED. DIED on my front porch when I read Louis Vuitton on the packing slip on the box.

After having this gem for over two years, I thought I’d write a review about it and how well it’s held up over the years.

Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet Review

I’m very good at keeping both my handbags and wallets cleaned out. Not only does it help keep them stay neat and tidy, but it helps them keep their shape longer. Keeping the wallet clean of excess receipts and pocket change has definitely helped it keep its natural shape and not be overly stretched.

Both the inside and outside leather has hardly any wear and tear on it and even the leather zipper pulls are still in excellent shape after two years of use. The only area that is showing a bit of wear is the very front button. I’ve seen other used LV wallets where the colored leather has completely worn off and the metal is showing. Mine has a small dark rub mark on it but like I said earlier, I try to be very careful with this piece because I want it to last me forever. I pretty much treat it like a baby and it shows.

If you’re looking for reviews on other Louis Vuitton bags, I highly suggest you check out THESE LOUIS VUITTON BLOG POSTS from my cousin, Angela Lanter.

LOOKING TO PURCHASE your own Louis Vuitton Emilie wallet? You can find them brand new HERE and used HERE.

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way 1920 2560 Jenn Pennell

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way

Keep reading to learn how to fold a sweater the correct way on a hanger.

Rather see a video on hanging sweaters the correct way? WATCH HERE:

Folding sweaters on a hanger is really very simple. In just a few easy steps, your sweaters will be very happy.

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way

Here’s the quick and easy steps on hanging sweaters the correct way:

  1. First, fold your sweater in half
  2. Second, place the hanger head in the armpit of the folded sweater
  3. Fold over the body of the sweater first, followed by the arms
  4. Voila! Your sweater is ready to hang, bump-free

Here’s a quick tip for ya!

If you don’t have velvet or padded hangers, grab a set. They’re great for keeping your sweaters and tops in place so they don’t fall off. I got these ivory velvet hangers from Amazon and they’re great! They occasionally run them on sale so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way

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