My Favorite Coton Colors Bases and Happy Everything Attachments

February 3, 2023
happy everything display

My Favorite Coton Colors Bases and Happy Everything Attachments. Find every day and seasonal product links here.

happy everything bases

Hello Love!

Happy happy Friday to you. My kids are out of school today due to increased illnesses throughout the school system so we’re taking advantage of it and being lazy all day. HA! It’s a great way to start a weekend.

happy everything display

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I am a huge fan of both Happy Everything! by Laura Johnson and Coton Colors products. I carried them in my gift shop years and years ago and still love to display their items in my home.

happy everything decor

While I love their seasonal items (found in these blog posts HERE, HERE, and HERE) their everyday items are my favorite. I love that I can purchase a base that matches my decor and change the attachments for every season.

happy everything glass jar base

I’ve had many of these pieces for years but my newest base is their glass jar. These jars are massive! I got the mini jar and I absolutely LOVE how big and sturdy it is to hold my coffee grounds. The mini attachment that can be personalized for whatever you’re using the jar for is perfect. You can write on the attachment or use a sticker, as I did.

happy everything glass jar

happy everything bowl

happy everything attachment bag

Something else new that I picked up is the gold mini attachment bag to house all my attachments in one place. I put them in order by season so it makes it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for.

happy everything attachments

Looking for more Coton Colors & Happy Everything by Laura Johnson inspiration? CLICK HERE to see all these blog posts!

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