My 2023 Needlepoint Canvases Challenge

January 20, 2023
Well Shit Needlepoint

My 2023 Needlepoint Canvases Challenge. What started as a fun hobby during the shutdown has turned into an addiction that I don’t want to recover from.

American Flag Needlepoint

Hello Love!

Back in 2020, needlepoint became one of the go-to trends during the lockdown, along with organizing and gardening. I love having a simple project in my hand instead of scrolling on my phone all day, every day.

Well Shit Needlepoint

In 2021, there was an Instagram challenge going around where you completed 21 canvases in 2021. I only finished about half the challenge and you can see all the completed pieces HERE.

Beach Ball Needlepoint

When I first started, I was really bad about buying cheap canvases I didn’t really care about. Now I’ve started investing in pieces I truly love and have special meaning. I have many more fun ones to finish this year, including a Gilmore Girls canvas, Harry Potter, Golden Girls, and more. You can find all my 2021 canvases linked in the post above and all my 2023 canvases are linked at the bottom of this post.

Tamagotchi Needlepoint

Ball mason jar needlepoint canvas

Magnolia needlepoint canvas

Bookmark this post in your browser or save a photo/pin to your Pinterest board to see all my finished canvases this year.

Links for #ndlpt23in23 Canvases:

American Flag Needlepoint

Well Shit Needlepoint

Beach Ball Needlepoint

Rainbow Tamagotchi Needlepoint

Ball Mason Jar Needlepoint (The sweetest needlepoint store EVER!)

Magnolia Needlepoint (Found on eBay)

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