What To Buy At Mercier Apple Orchard in North Georgia

November 9, 2022
apple orchard in north georgia

From bags of apples to apple cider donuts, here’s what you’ve got to purchase when visiting Mercier Apple Orchard in North Georgia.

Mercier Orchards is a wonderful apple orchard located just outside of BlueRidge, Georgia. We love to travel to Blue Ridge every few months to visit the local shops and eat at our favorite restaurant, Chester Brunnenmeyer’s Bar and Grill.

On our way into Blue Ridge, we always stop at Mercier’s to grab our favorite treats and today, I’m going to show you our favorites.


I mean, you can’t stop at an apple orchard and not get apples, right? They have many varieties to choose from and even an apple bar where you can sample all the different types.

If you’re a lover of fried pies, you’re at the right place. The fried pies are always a favorite of my husband’s and we always load up for family members and Jas’ fire hall buddies. They carry normal fruit pies, no sugar varieties, and if you’re luck (and early enough) you may even snag one of their famous chocolate fried pies.

Now, my personal favorite is a tie. A tie between the apple cider donuts and the apple cinnamon bread loaf. I never walk out of there with either of these. Honestly, I usually never make it out of the parking lot without eating a donut. THEY’RE THAT GOOD.

The bread an early-morning-have-with-a-cup-of-coffee perfection. It’s incredibly soft and has so much flavor packed into that yummy loaf. It’s almost like a huge cinnamon roll with apple chucks mixed in. SO DELICIOUS.

Another favorite, their apple butter. Slap that on some hot biscuits and BAM. You’re in tastebud heaven!

Another favorite of ours is their apple cider. Unfortunately, it’s not available all year long so if you’re lucky enough to find it in-store when you visit, grab it! They also have frozen apple ciders available too certain times of the year. So yummy!!

apple orchard in north georgia

apple orchard in north georgia

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apple orchard in north georgia

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