Best lint remover for clothes

October 18, 2022
The Best Lint Remover for Sweaters

Best lint remover for clothes, sweaters, sheets, and more. This Evercare fabric shaver helps make my clothes look brand new in minutes!

Best lint remover for clothes

There aren’t too many things better than SWEATER WEATHER, AMIRIGHT?!

Cooler temps have finally hit the Tennessee Valley and I am here for it! I’ve been getting out all my sweaters from storage and even went a little shop crazy on Poshmark a few weeks ago buying up gently used JCrew pieces from Poshmark. Are you a Poshmark lover like me? I pretty much bought a whole new wardrobe there last year and have found some amazingly awesome classic pieces to fit my style.

I was able to grab this warm and thick JCrew sweater for only $10 and even though I knew it needed a bit of TLC, it was a great piece to have in my closet. I took it to my dry cleaner to have it laundered and then brought it home to de-fuzz. I love this small fabric shaver from Amazon and after just about 10 minutes of shaving, it looked brand new.

Here’s a before photo…

Best lint remover for clothes

And an after…

Best lint remover for clothes

What a difference, right?!

Here are some tips on how to use it.

  1. Lay your article of clothing on a flat surface and move the shaver in small circular motions. You can also put your hand behind the fabric to give it a little push to get closer to the blades.
  2. It took me about 25 minutes to shave the entire sweater so give yourself plenty of time.
  3. Yes, there are blades but I’ve never had it cut my skin or tear the fabric. Still, use with caution.
  4. Clean out the compartment every few minutes and pull any fabric collected around the blades out. (See photo below)
  5. Can be used on multiple types of fabric but be sure to test on a small area first.

Best lint remover for clothes


Best lint remover for clothes

Want to see it in action? Watch this!

The Best Lint Remover for Sweaters

One response to “Best lint remover for clothes”

  1. Kathern Whitebird says:

    5 stars
    The neckline of this sweater is indeed unique.

    It adds a touch of flair without having to be too over-the-top!

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