Beddys Bedding & New Duvets

October 21, 2022
Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

Beddys Bedding & New Duvets. Beddy’s all-in-one zippered bedding makes mornings so much easier. With a simple zip of a zipper, your bed is made!

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Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

Hello Love! Let me introduce you to Beddy’s brand-new product, DUVETS! As of today, October 21st, 2022, the duvets aren’t available BUT be sure to follow them on Instagram so you won’t miss the release date!

Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

You may remember from THIS POST, that Beddy’s was a HUGE HIT with my youngest daughter. She was hooked when she climbed in after unzipping the comforter and zipping herself back in! Making her bed every morning is no longer a struggle because all you have to do is zip up the sides!

Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

Beddy’s Zipper Bedding & Duvet

When I caught word that they were releasing their new duvets, I reached out and snagged one! We decided to go the whole nine yards and get brand-new zipper bedding and accessories to match the new Hayden duvet.

My husband and I have a king bed but it’s actually two adjustable twin XL mattresses together (we did this so we could adjust one side at a time and not bother the other). While the Beddy’s king will fit over adjustable king mattresses, we’ve gotten used to having our own bedding for so long that we stuck with the plan of having them separate.

Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

Everything came in the week and it fit like a dream. I seriously feel like it’s a bed you find in a bougie resort somewhere and I absolutely cannot believe I get to snuggle up in it at night.

Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

The texture and details of each of these pieces are exquisite.

Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

While I love the zippered bedding, the duvet is where it’s at, y’all. The quality is absolute perfection and it is HEAVY! It’s like the perfect weighted blanket on your bed.

Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

What I got:

2 – twin xl Morgan zipper bedding
1 – king Hayden duvet
1 – Sawyer Accessory bundle
Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

To demonstrate how lovely the bed looks all put together, check out this video:


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Beddy's Bedding and New Duvets

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Beddy's Bedding and New Duvet

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