How To Store Sweaters

April 4, 2022
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How To Store Sweaters

How To Store Sweaters

Today I’m continuing my closet series by showing you how you can store sweaters over the spring and summer months.

After purging my closet a few years ago, I no longer change out my closet with the change of the seasons. I keep fall/winter clothes on one side and spring and summer on the other.

How To Store Sweaters

For your wool and cashmere sweaters, you’re going to want to store them in some type of storage bag. This is a great way to keep them clean and bug-free. This washable and breathable sweater storage bag on Amazon was under $30 and perfect to keep my sweaters safe. 8 sweaters fit into this bag with room to spare.

For your cotton and polyester sweaters, folding them on shelves or hanging them on hangers is perfectly fine. While you’re getting ready to make a mess changing your closet around, now is a great time to change your hangers to velvet ones. Not only are they much thinner than the plastic ones, but they’re amazing at keeping your tops in place so they don’t slide off.How To Store Sweaters

Wondering how to hang your sweaters correctly without getting shoulder bumps? Check out THIS BLOG POST.


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