Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way

March 9, 2022

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way: How to Hang Sweaters to Avoid Shoulder Bumps

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way

Keep reading to learn how to fold a sweater the correct way on a hanger.

Rather see a video on hanging sweaters the correct way? WATCH HERE:

Folding sweaters on a hanger is really very simple. In just a few easy steps, your sweaters will be very happy.

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way

Here’s the quick and easy steps on hanging sweaters the correct way:

  1. First, fold your sweater in half
  2. Second, place the hanger head in the armpit of the folded sweater
  3. Fold over the body of the sweater first, followed by the arms
  4. Voila! Your sweater is ready to hang, bump-free

Here’s a quick tip for ya!

If you don’t have velvet or padded hangers, grab a set. They’re great for keeping your sweaters and tops in place so they don’t fall off. I got these ivory velvet hangers from Amazon and they’re great! They occasionally run them on sale so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Hanging Sweaters The Correct Way

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