Fabula Coffee Review

March 25, 2022
Fabula Coffee Review

Fabula Coffee Review

My blood type is caffeine. ?☕️? I don’t know about you but I’m always ready for my Fabula Coffee in the morning. ? Keep reading for my Fabula Coffee Review and I’ll tell you how to save 20% off your order!

Fabula Coffee Review

Fabula Coffee Review

When they say magical, they ain’t kidding! ? I’m definitely not a coffee snob but never in my life have I had coffee as good as this kind from Fabula Coffee.

After having about a million ads pop up on my Facebook and Instagram pages talking about how most coffees in the US are low quality and often loaded with mold, I started doing a bit of research. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I’d always heard how coffee in Europe was so different than what we have here but I never really gave it a second thought. Since I drink so much coffee every day, I knew a change was needing to be made. One day, an ad from Fabula popped up and after reading into the company and all the reviews, I knew it was what I was going to try.

It’s organic, low acid, and freshly roasted when you order. The Hubs and I aren’t even big fans of dark roast but this is by far the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. Go get yourself a treat and order a bag or two. I PROMISE you won’t regret it! ?????

Organic, low acid, and so yummy ?.

Use my code SHAWAVENUE to save 20% on your order! ?

Be sure to check back in a few weeks to read my review on my Breville Bambino Coffee Maker, where I make all of this delicious coffee.

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