Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag

March 18, 2022
Storing sweaters

Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag

Summer is just around the corner and as I’m getting ready to pack up my sweaters, I thought I would try this cashmere sweater storage bag from Amazon.

Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag

I’ve always been lazy and just let my sweaters either hang all summer or kept them folded on a shelf. Since investing in better pieces over the winter, I knew I needed to try and keep them safe from bugs.

There were many to choose from on Amazon but this particular one had great reviews for a great price.

There were mixed reviews about how many sweaters would fit in the bag but I fit 8 nicely with room to spare for one or two more light ones.

The bag of cedar shavings was a nice addition, but it did make a little bit of a mess. I added a little tissue paper to catch any shavings from getting embedded in my sweaters.

When it’s sweater season again, I’ll be sure to come back here and give my full Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag review.

Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag

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