Beddy’s Bedding With Zipper Review

Beddy’s Bedding With Zipper Review

Beddy’s Bedding With Zipper Review 1920 2560 Jenn Pennell

A huge THANKS to Beddy’s for sponsoring today’s Beddy’s bedding with zipper review post!

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Growing up, did your parents make you make your bed every day? I definitely had to growing up but now as a parent, I admit that I’ve done a horrible job of making this a daily chore with my children. #facepalm

I’ve tried to be better about doing it to my own bed but most days, it just doesn’t get done.

My cousin Angela introduced me to Betsy Mikesell and her bedding company Beddy’s a few months ago and I knew we need to try them.

Cal’s bedroom is mainly gray so she ended up going with the Tweed About It Luxe with the Minky lining. Not only is this style available in the minky blanket-lined style but it also comes in a classic all-cotton version so you can choose between warm or cooler bedding. It was awesome having that option.

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The bedding comes all together in one piece and the top blanket zips off from the fitted part that goes around your mattress. It makes it very easy to wash that way. In fact, if you want to see how easy it is to make a bed using Beddy’s, just watch THIS VIDEO.

The bedding came with the mattress covering, blanket/comforter, and 4 pillowcases. The pink accent pillow was not included.

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Another reason to love Beddy’s is that they have many incredible styles to choose from; everything from classic colors and patterns to fun, bright designs.

Also, be sure to check out all the fun accessories they have to match!

Overall, we are THRILLED with how the bed turned out. Walking into her room every day and the bed being made makes my heart sing. At least one part of her bedroom looks neat and tidy. HA!

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