Crochet Temperature Blanket (UPDATED)

January 22, 2022

How To Crochet A Temperature Blanket

Crochet Temperature Blanket (UPDATED)

Hello Love!

I’ve been crocheting for almost 10 years now and up until a month ago, I had never heard of a crochet temperature blanket. I saw THIS POST on Pinterest early January and I instantly fell in love.

How To Crochet A Temperature Blanket

I used the same color scheme Burgundy and Blush used and I’m so excited to see how the colors all mix together. I used the “I Love This Yarn” brand from Hobby Lobby.

How To Crochet A Temperature Blanket

There are many ways to make this blanket and a quick search on Pinterest may quickly have your head spinning. When picking colors, I decided to go with 10 tones and decided to split the temperatures by 10’s as well. I do fear I won’t be using that granite color often though because the Tennessee Valley rarely has days that cold. It may end up being my border color.

How To Crochet A Temperature Blanket

I grabbed a notebook to keep track of all my temps. Like I said above, instead of crocheting a row for every day of the year, I’m doing a row for an average of two days so it isn’t a massive blanket.

How To Crochet A Temperature Blanket

Here’s the beginning of the blanket. The first few days of the year were on the warm side so it was nice to start the blanket with the light taupe color and then get into the linen and ivory colors. I’m loving the pop of the spa color for that warm blue.

How To Crochet A Temperature Blanket

Here’s a glance at the weather website I use to grab all my temperatures.

And voila! January is complete. I love how the colors look so beautiful together and I’m excited to see how the rest turns out.


February saw a nice warming trend where most days were in the 50s and 60s. We had a small cool snap or two but I’m glad it’s starting to pull toward the warmer colors.



I’ll update this post every month so be sure to stop back by to see the progress of my crochet temperature blanket! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

3 responses to “Crochet Temperature Blanket (UPDATED)”

  1. Sue says:

    What brand of yarn did you use?

  2. Clo says:

    What is your stitch? How many chain stitches do you start with?

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