Decorating With Longaberger

Decorating With Longaberger

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Decorating with Longaberger!

Longaberger baskets are back!

If you’re a long-time maple wood basket lover like me, you’ve been missing The Longaberger Basket Company. Well, I’m happy to tell you that they are back in business and going strong!

With a wide range of baskets and home decor items, you’re bound to find the perfect pieces for your home on their brand-new website.

For more on how I decorate my home with baskets, read this fun BLOG POST!

Longaberger carries a wide range of American-made baskets (still made in Dresden, Ohio), lamps, rugs, furniture, kitchen items and more.

I’ve gotten many of the new pieces and I’ve been using them to decorate and organize all over my home. From the living room to the master closet, Longaberger has the perfect items to get your house feeling chaos-free and perfectly cozy.

I’ve used many of the new baskets in my closet to organize belts, purses & clutches, and extra beauty products. Even my pajamas and undergarments are perfectly organized.

How will you use Longaberger items in your home? Be sure to CLICK HERE to shop all the products I use in my home and see what else the company has to offer.

Pictured here: Herman Storage Unit
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