What’s in my bag – Traveling Baseball Mom Edition

March 13, 2021
Austin Fowler backpack
What’s in my bag – Traveling Baseball Mom
Austin Fowler backpack
Hello Love!
Baseball season is upon us and I wanted to share with you the travel bag that I take to all of my son’s games, both home and away. Instead of running back and forth to the car for things, I carry everything I need in my HUGE Austin | Fowler Brielle backpack.
Austin Fowler Backpack 1
Since it’s only March, it can still be pretty cool sitting at games. We carry a small fleece blanket that we can either wrap up in or sit on if the bleachers are rough.
Austin Fowler Backpack 2
Next up, a first aid kit. While I pray that my son will never need it while playing, I honestly carry it for my other two kids. You never know when a scraped knee will happen. ?
Austin Fowler Backpack 3
While we always try to support the teams by purchasing from their concession stand, we do still carry our own snacks and water too, especially if the schools are far away. Since I’m conscience about reducing waste, we have these AWESOME reusable containers from Zip Top. They “zip” closed like your normal plastic baggies but can be reused time and time again. We LOVE them.
Austin Fowler Backpack 4
In this backpack, you’ve got room for everything you need. I carry the kid’s iPad and accessories, masks, essential oils, and my personals like wallet and keys.
Austin Fowler Backpack 5
Everything we need to cheer on our #15!
Austin Fowler Backpack 6
Austin | Fowler Backpack (c/o)
First Aid Kit
Zip Top Reusable Containers (c/o)
Fleece Blanket
Austin Fowler Backpack 7

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