My Favorite Trench Coat To Wear Into Spring

March 13, 2021
Shaw Avenue | Navy Brielle Austin Fowler Backpack
Hello Love!
If you caught my master closet makeover blog post, you know that I’ve been purging my closet and switching out trendy pieces for a more classic wardrobe. After researching on Pinterest, I realized that my coat collection was one that I could easy pair down. I had almost a whole row in my closet of outerwear and I was thrilled to donate most of the pile.
When it came to coats I kept 2 winter coats (one casual, one dressy), about 5 lightweight, and 2 casual raincoats. While I love the colorful raincoats I kept, I felt like I needed something a little dressier. I got on the typical websites, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and JCrew, but just didn’t find what I was looking for for the price I wanted to spend.
Y’all. After a google search I landed on this London Fog trench coat at, of all places, and for the incredible price of just $39.88. I quickly ordered the beige in XS and when it arrived two days later I went online to grab the link to share with you all and GONE. Completely sold out in every color and every size. I was able to find this exact coat at Macy’s and Nordstrom but the cheapest I could find it is for $168 at Macy’s. Why Walmart had it so cleap, I can’t figure out. Nordys and Macy’s have been running sales on it so you may be able to find it even cheaper.
If I that Walmart replenishes this one, I’ll be sure to share it on my Instagram stories so make sure you’re following me.
Anyways, this jacket is the perfect coat to grab this spring. It’s not super lightweight and is even great for those warmer winter days. I’d say if you need a coat and it’s between 40-65/70 degrees, you’d be good in this one.
Shaw Avenue | Navy Brielle Austin Fowler Backpack
Shaw Avenue | Navy Brielle Austin Fowler Backpack 

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