A Quick And Easy Master Bedroom Makeover

A Quick And Easy Master Bedroom Makeover

A Quick And Easy Master Bedroom Makeover 150 150 Jenn Pennell
A huge thank you to Cathay Home for sponsoring today’s post.


Hello Love!


I’ve been wanting the perfect farmhouse master bedroom FOREVER. You know the one…shiplapped walls, fluffy white comforter, iron headboard, the whole kit and caboodle.


When we talked about home improvements we were going to make in 2021, master bedroom furniture, unfortunately, was at the bottom of the list. We’ve got other projects that need to get done first so my bright white bedroom is just going to have to wait.


Then I found a new bedding company on Instagram and knew I needed this rusty orange comforter. A very boho-ish rusty comforter. TOTALLY not my norm, but girl, I needed it.


Now, how was I going to make that work with my almost 2-decade old cherry and iron bed and dressers? Well, after scouring Pinterest for a few hours, I got a few ideas on how I could mesh it all together and make it look fab. I bought my favorite linen curtains from Amazon, white Euro pillows from TJ Maxx, grabbed plants from other rooms, found new rattan lamps from Ross Dress for Less, and this GORGEOUS rug from Target to pull it all together. I also snagged these Smart Sheets from Cathay Home and they are incredibly soft and have a fun feature. They’ve got sewn in pockets on each side to house some of your small essentials like your cell phone, reading glasses, remotes and more. I keep the end of my cell charger tucked in one so it doesn’t get lost between the bed and nightstand. 


A few simple changes on a small budget.