21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21

February 16, 2021


Hello Love!
If you follow me on Instagram, YOU KNOW my new-found love for needlepointing. I started my first project last year and I’ve had SO much fun with it! When I started seeing the #ndlpt21in21 hashtag floating around IG, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I also decided that this Christmas that I want to do a small tree full of needlepoint ornaments. It’s going to be so sweet and I can’t wait to get all the pieces done.
I joined a needlepoint club where we have themes every month and I’ll se sharing each of them with you here. I’ll be updating this blog post every few weeks so be sure to keep checking back so you can see all the fun canvases.
Since needlepointing is a pretty expensive hobby, I plan on finishing all the ornaments myself instead of sending them off to be done. That being said I’ll be picking easy shapes s so I won’t struggle too much. ?
For the month of January I stitched 3 pieces. Two travel ornaments (the theme for January) and my favorite, the “my give a damn’s busted” piece, which I plan to frame and put on my desk.
You can shop these pieces here:
21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21
21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21
21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21

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