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21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21

21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21 768 1024 Jenn Pennell


Hello Love!
If you follow me on Instagram, YOU KNOW my new-found love for needlepointing. I started my first project last year and I’ve had SO much fun with it! When I started seeing the #ndlpt21in21 hashtag floating around IG, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I also decided that this Christmas that I want to do a small tree full of needlepoint ornaments. It’s going to be so sweet and I can’t wait to get all the pieces done.
I joined a needlepoint club where we have themes every month and I’ll se sharing each of them with you here. I’ll be updating this blog post every few weeks so be sure to keep checking back so you can see all the fun canvases.
Since needlepointing is a pretty expensive hobby, I plan on finishing all the ornaments myself instead of sending them off to be done. That being said I’ll be picking easy shapes s so I won’t struggle too much. 😂
For the month of January I stitched 3 pieces. Two travel ornaments (the theme for January) and my favorite, the “my give a damn’s busted” piece, which I plan to frame and put on my desk.
You can shop these pieces here:
21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21
21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21
21 Needlepoint Projects in 2021 #ndlpt21in21

Valentine’s Day Table Setting

Valentine’s Day Table Setting 768 1024 Jenn Pennell
A special thanks to Coton Colors for sponsoring today’s Valentine’s Day Table Setting blog post!
I absolutely adore the day but it’s not anything that I usually decorate for. Since Coton Colors sent me these gorgeous plaid ruffle plates for Christmas, I thought I’d reuse them and add a few fun knick-knacks to decorate a fun Valentine’s Day table setting for this next week.
I got the new XOXO large attachment for my square Happy Everything plate and found the red heart dishes, wooden LOVE tag, and felt garland at TJMaxx. 
It’s sweet and simple for a Valentine’s Day table your kids with love.
Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

A Quick And Easy Master Bedroom Makeover

A Quick And Easy Master Bedroom Makeover 1536 2048 Jenn Pennell
A huge thank you to Cathay Home for sponsoring today’s post.
Hello Love!
I’ve been wanting the perfect farmhouse master bedroom FOREVER. You know the one…shiplapped walls, fluffy white comforter, iron headboard, the whole kit and caboodle.
When we talked about home improvements we were going to make in 2021, master bedroom furniture was at the bottom of the list. There’s  other projects that need to get done first so my bright white bedroom is just going to have to wait.
Then I found a new bedding company on Instagram and knew I needed this rusty orange comforter. A very boho-ish rusty comforter. TOTALLY not my norm, but girl, I needed it.
Now, how was I going to make that work with my almost 2-decade old cherry and iron bed and dressers? Well, after scouring Pinterest for a few hours, I got a few ideas on how I could mesh it all together and make it look fab. I bought my favorite linen curtains from Amazon, white Euro pillows from TJ Maxx, grabbed plants from other rooms. I also found new rattan lamps from Ross Dress for Less, and this GORGEOUS rug from Target to pull it all together.
Cathay Home also sent us these Smart Sheets and they are incredibly soft and have a fun feature. They’ve got sewn in pockets on each side to house some of your small essentials like your cell phone, reading glasses, remotes and more. I keep the end of my cell charger tucked in one so it doesn’t get lost between the bed and nightstand.
A few simple changes on a small budget.
Make sure to see how to added an electric fireplace to our bedroom HERE!

How to propagate plants in water

How to propagate plants in water 564 846 Jenn Pennell

How to propagate plants at home

Hello Love!

So, plants have pretty much taken over every room in my home. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve been collecting plants to help bring life into our house and add earthy green tones to the decor. Even though some plants can be a little pricy, if I know I can propagate them to create more, I don’t mind spending a little bit extra. It’s been a bit of trial and error on my end but overall, I’m please with what plants I’ve been able to regrow.

If you’re wanting to get started propagating your own plant babies here’s some of my favorite sources:

CleverBloom: How to Root Plant Cuttings In Water For Propogation

Sprouts & Stems: Plant Care & Propogation Archives

The Garden Glove

If you’re wanting more than just a few internet articles and want to chat with other plant lovers, The House Plant Enthusiast Facebook page may just be the best place for you to start. From beginners to skilled plant gurus, you can ask questions and chat away with your new friends about anything “plant” under the sun. It’s my go-to place to search for plant info.

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! I’m more than happy to help!

How to propagate plants at home
How to propagate plants at home
How to propagate plants at home
How to propagate plants at home
How to propagate plants at home
How to propagate plants at home
How to propagate plants at home