Christmas Gift Wrapping Station

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Hello, Love!

Are you like me and always wait to wrap everything at the last minute? I don't know why I do that to myself every year. I always say I'm going to do it early but then every Christmas Eve I have to lock myself up in my closet to get it all done. 
WHY do we do this to ourselves?
This year I decided to MAKE myself do it early. I'd always wanted a gift-wrapping station so I cleared off one our our storage cabinets and set everything up! I grabbed a few Longaberger baskets, all my wrapping supplies, and got everything I had bought, up to that point, DONE!
What a relief!
I even had the mail/package carrier presents ready to go! 💪🏻I'm still not 100% done, because I have more shopping to do but I WILL NOT wrap on Christmas Eve!

How about you? You have everything wrapped yet? 

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