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December 2020

How To Make A Fun Christmas Charcuterie Board With Coton Colors

How To Make A Fun Christmas Charcuterie Board With Coton Colors 1536 2048 Jenn Pennell
Hello, Love!
Let me show you how to make a fun Christmas charcuterie board!
Well, it’s Christmas Eve’s Eve. Can you believe it?!
I can’t.
020 has been one doozy of a year and even though it seems like this year has been the longest one ever, it still blows my mind that it’s almost over.
Since we had Covid a few weeks ago, the kids have been home for what seems like FOREVER. Even though I’d been sick and had many hours to catch up on, I’ve tried my best to make this week of Christmas as special as possible for them. It’s been so tough on them being in and out of school and missing their friends really badly.
As a special Christmas Eve treat, we’re getting our sugar high and celebrating the night at Santa comes. 😂
The girls and I threw together this sweet charcuterie board full of our favorite treats and snacks, everything from Little Debbie Christmas trees to chocolate-covered pretzels, to fun marshmallow snowmen for hot cocoa.
Now, it’s time to load up our cute mugs with hot cocoa, turn on the fire, find a good Christmas movie, snuggle up, and dig in!
Merry Christmas, y’all!

Thanks, Coton Colors, for working with us on this project!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Station

Christmas Gift Wrapping Station 564 750 Jenn Pennell
Hello, Love!
Are you like me and always wait to wrap everything at the last minute? I don’t know why I do that to myself every year. I always say I’m going to do it early but then every Christmas Eve I have to lock myself up in my closet to get it all done.
WHY do we do this to ourselves?
This year I decided to MAKE myself do it early. I’d always wanted a gift-wrapping station so I cleared off one our our storage cabinets and set everything up! I grabbed a few Longaberger baskets, all my wrapping supplies, and got everything I had bought, up to that point, DONE!
What a relief!
I even had the mail/package carrier presents ready to go! 💪🏻I’m still not 100% done, because I have more shopping to do but I WILL NOT wrap on Christmas Eve!
How about you? You have everything wrapped yet? 

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Dishes

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Dishes 564 752 Jenn Pennell
A special THANKS to Coton Colors for sponsoring today’s buffalo plaid Christmas dishes blog post!
Can you believe how close Christmas is?! I can’t even handle it. Nope. Can’t.
I feel like I’m a little bee busy buzzing around from here and there in the house to get ready for Christmas Day and doing everything that I can get done early, DONE! Most of my presents are wrapped, we’re headed to the grocery store today to get all the food, and all the decor is out and ready to go.
If you follow me on IG, you know that I always have my kitchen table decorated. I adore seeing my dishes set out everyday and even though it can be a burden to move them so frequently, I don’t care. 😂
I’ve never owned a set of Christmas dishes so I was SO HAPPY to team up with Coton Colors this year to get my table nice and fancy for our Christmas guests. CC has been in my life for many years and you may be familiar with their sister brand, Happy Everything.  Their famous Happy Everything plate with changeable attachments to celebrate all the holidays has been a staple piece in my kitchen for years!
You can read more of my Coton Colors posts here:
You can find all these pieces and more HERE:
Thank you, Coton Colors, for working with me on this project!

Christmas In Our Home

Christmas In Our Home 1536 2048 Jenn Pennell
Hello, Love!
Welcome to Christmas in our home. ❤️
After many years of having the same old decor up, we decided it was time for a little upgrade. We kept older trees but bought all new decorations to brighten up this crazy year. 2020 sure has been a doozy, hasn’t it?! We hope you enjoy this little tour of our front porch, living room, kitchen, and master bedroom tree.
Our living room ❤️
 Our Kitchen ❤️
Master Bedroom Christmas Tree, full of Longaberger baskets❤️