Vertical Garden Plants

May 7, 2020
Vertical Garden
What To Grow in a Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden Plants

Hello Love!
Gardening has become Cal’s absolute favorite hobby. We planted a big vegetable garden in the backyard about a month ago and we got her this amazing vertical garden for her to plant whatever she wanted. We’re keeping it on our front porch, right outside her bedroom window and away from all the critters.  We teamed up with GreenStalk Garden for this project so she could plant her own food and watch it grow step by step.  Here’s what to grow in a vertical garden.
We went to Lowe’s as soon as the kit arrived to pick out different seeds to plant. GreenStalk suggested we do a mix of both flowers and veggies so we grabbed a couple varieties of flowers along with lettuce, spinach, strawberries, and her favorite, broccoli. We also grabbed some marigolds because we heard they help keep insects away.
You can grab a kit with 3 layers up to 5 but since she’s not too tall, we went with the 4 tier so she would be able to reach the water basin on top. We loaded up each section with lots of potting soil and started seeding.

TIP: Make sure to fill each pocket at least 1″ or less from the top to keep plants from breaking as they grow. We had ours too low and had to go back and fill in after sprouts started appearing.

What To Grow in a Vertical Garden
To water the flowers, all you need to do is fill up the water basin at the very top. Instead of flooding each pod with water, this is a drip system that waters each pocket at the same time.
What To Grow in a Vertical Garden
3 days later…
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We hope you enjoyed our what to grow in a vertical garden blog post!

What To Grow in a Vertical Garden


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