How I organized my pantry with baskets

May 13, 2020
Hello Love!
After watching my cousin, Angela Lanter, organize her beautiful pantry a few weeks ago I knew I needed to take time to get my own done. I decided that instead of using acrylic pieces to keep everything organized, I’d save some money and use what I had, my Longaberger baskets.
I started off by going around the house and grabbing all the baskets I knew would hold boxes and cans really well, took everything out, cleaned the shelves, and got to work. I kept all the kid’s food on the bottom shelves (so I wouldn’t be called in 198 times a day to grab something for them) and side dish ingredients on the top. I moved our recycling bags out to the garage to make room in the bottom in order to store the cat’s food and our 20,000 bags of chips.
By the way…I was AMAZED how much expired food I had in there. I thought I was good about keeping up with those things but apparently not.
Now everything is neat and tidy.
Has it stayed this way? Surprisingly, YES! Now, my kids are a little older but they’ve been good about putting everything back where it goes.
I would love to eventually customize this closet and get wider shelving in here, but for now, this will do.
One more thing, these baskets do take up quite a bit of room, which means I can’t get as much in here. What it has done though is make me cautious about what I’m buying and I’m not just buying a bunch of stuff that I really don’t need. My budget has liked that quite a bit!
What do you think? Do you like how it turned out?
If you’d like to shop these baskets, I’ve linked them here, but be aware, most of these are no longer in production so I’m tagging eBay items, which could sell out. If you’re looking for a particular basket just let me know and I can help track one down for you!

If used baskets aren’t your thing, you can shop brand new Longaberger baskets on my website HERE!

2 responses to “How I organized my pantry with baskets”

  1. Bridgette Kazee says:

    You have wonderful ideas. I looked at what you had done and used extra longaberger baskets. I will do my pantry now. Thank you so much for sharing. I love your ideas

    • Jenn Pennell says:

      Hi Bridgette! I’m so so glad! You’re going to love your pantry once you get it all organized!

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