How to organize the laundry room with baskets

May 13, 2020
 Hello Love!
I’m so excited to show you my newly renovated/organized laundry room! Over the winter we painted our entire house inside. Almost every room got a little facelift, not just the new wall color, but new decor and arrangement. It was chaos but SO worth it!
I’m slowly showcasing the rooms off here on the blog and in case you missed it, here’s my 9 year old’s updated room, my updated pantry, and bathroom cabinet organization.
Alright, back to the laundry room.
After cleaning out my pantry last week I decided it was time to give the laundry room the much-needed cleaning. I’m usually REALLY GOOD at keeping it in good shape but it just needed straightening up and rearranged a bit.
I went around the house and grabbed more baskets to make the cabinets inside look beautiful and hide all the mess. I love having everything in the baskets because it just looks so neat and tidy. Don’t you think?
In these baskets I’ve stored all my steam mop towel heads, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, lint brushes, and other laundry items.
The toilet paper stacked beautifully in the baskets is my absolute favorite part. The baskets on the middle shelves hold all my stiffer refills, sewing notions, and our emergency candles. The top shelves hold my extra iron, steamer, and extra wool dryer balls.
We installed 5 hooks so everyone has a place to hang jackets, backpacks, and coats. Jason also built this shoe rack that has bins for the kids to keep their dance/baseball gear, bathing suits, belts, and whatnots with their shoes in the bottom rack.
If you’d like to shop these baskets, I’ve linked them here, but most of these are no longer in production so I’m tagging eBay items. If you’re looking for a particular basket just let me know and I can help track one down for you!

If used baskets aren’t your thing, you can shop brand new Longaberger baskets on my website HERE!


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