How to create a capsule closet

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hello Love!

Many moon ago, like back in September, I went through a complete closet clean-out. I took everything out of each section in my closet and purged, purged, PURGED until anything that didn't make me happy was in garbage bag headed for Habitat. 

I filmed the entire project on my Instagram stories and you can WATCH IT ALL HERE so you can see everything step by step.

For a quick little recap, this is what I did:
First thing was cleaning my closet. It had gotten COMPLETELY out of control so I spent my first day putting everything in it's place. I then started with the season I was coming out of, which was summer at that time, and tossed every shirt, short, and skirt that I hadn't worn that year. Pants and handbags came next, followed by the shelving down the middle. Shoes took a day all on their own. #facepalm. The last section I went through was fall/winter clothes, followed by jewelry.

If you need some inspiration and motivation to clean your closet, please visit my IG stories and watch my process!
Finished look!
Man, even though it took a few days, it was 103% worth it!
There aren't too many things I love more than a clean closet.