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May 2020

Our New Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Our New Farmhouse Living Room Decor 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Hello Love!
Over the winter we decided that our home was in need of a refresh. Not a major change, but we knew that after living in this house almost 10 years it was time to repaint and get a few new pieces of furniture since our couches were going on 15 years of service. ūüėČ
We went to a few places looking for new couches but fell in love with this set from Ashley Furniture Home Store. We got a great deal on the couch, loveseat, and rocker set but delivery was an absolute nightmare. It took almost 2 months to get the couch and loveseat and over 3 months to get the rocker, my favorite part of the set. Even though we wanted to cancel after all the hassle, the pieces were still worth it in my opinion. 
I kept almost all my other decor the same but I added in the little needlepoint chair that I found at an antique store for only $20! Such a great find! I would say 75% of the decor in this room has been bought over the years in antique stores. Those are my favorite places to buy things because it makes our house special and not looking like every other “farmhouse” on Instagram.
If you see a piece you love, comment below and I can help you find a similar piece!
S H O P   E V E R Y T H I N G   H E R E

How to create a capsule closet

How to create a capsule closet 564 846 Jenn Pennell
Hello Love!
Many moon ago, like back in September, I went through a complete closet clean-out. I took everything out of each section in my closet and purged, purged, PURGED until anything that didn’t make me happy was in garbage bag headed for Habitat.
I filmed the entire project on my Instagram stories and you can WATCH IT ALL HERE so you can see everything step by step.
For a quick little recap, this is what I did:
First thing was cleaning my closet. It had gotten COMPLETELY out of control so I spent my first day putting everything in it’s place. I then started with the season I was coming out of, which was summer at that time, and tossed every shirt, short, and skirt that I hadn’t worn that year. Pants and handbags came next, followed by the shelving down the middle. Shoes took a day all on their own. #facepalm. The last section I went through was fall/winter clothes, followed by jewelry.
Finished look!
Man, even though it took a few days, it was 103% worth it!
There aren’t too many things I love more than a clean closet.
If you need some inspiration and motivation to clean your closet, please visit my IG stories and watch my process!

How to organize the laundry room with baskets

How to organize the laundry room with baskets 564 752 Jenn Pennell
 Hello Love!
I’m so excited to show you my newly renovated/organized laundry room! Over the winter we painted our entire house inside. Almost every room got a little facelift, not just the new wall color, but new decor and arrangement. It was chaos but SO worth it!
I’m slowly showcasing the rooms off here on the blog and in case you missed it, here’s my 9 year old’s updated room, my updated pantry, and¬†bathroom cabinet organization.
Alright, back to the laundry room.
After cleaning out my pantry last week I decided it was time to give the laundry room the much-needed cleaning. I’m usually REALLY GOOD at keeping it in good shape but it just needed straightening up and rearranged a bit.
I went around the house and grabbed more baskets to make the cabinets inside look beautiful and hide all the mess. I love having everything in the baskets because it just looks so neat and tidy. Don’t you think?
In these baskets I’ve stored all my steam mop towel heads, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, lint brushes, and other laundry items.
The toilet paper stacked beautifully in the baskets is my absolute favorite part. The baskets on the middle shelves hold all my stiffer refills, sewing notions, and our emergency candles. The top shelves hold my extra iron, steamer, and extra wool dryer balls.
We installed 5 hooks so everyone has a place to hang jackets, backpacks, and coats. Jason also built this shoe rack that has bins for the kids to keep their dance/baseball gear, bathing suits, belts, and whatnots with their shoes in the bottom rack.
If you’d like to¬†shop these baskets, I’ve linked them here, but most of these are no longer in production so I’m tagging¬†eBay¬†items. If you’re looking for a particular basket just let me know and I can help track one down for you!

If used baskets aren’t your thing, you can shop brand new¬†Longaberger¬†baskets on¬†my website HERE!


How I organized my pantry with baskets

How I organized my pantry with baskets 600 900 Jenn Pennell
Hello Love!
After watching my cousin, Angela Lanter, organize her beautiful pantry a few weeks ago I knew I needed to take time to get my own done. I decided that instead of using acrylic pieces to keep everything organized, I’d save some money and use what I had, my Longaberger baskets.
I started off by going around the house and grabbing all the baskets I knew would hold boxes and cans really well, took everything out, cleaned the shelves, and got to work. I kept all the kid’s food on the bottom shelves (so I wouldn’t be called in 198 times a day to grab something for them) and side dish ingredients on the top. I moved our recycling bags out to the garage to make room in the bottom in order to store the cat’s food and our 20,000 bags of chips.
By the way…I was AMAZED how much expired food I had in there. I thought I was good about keeping up with those things but apparently not.
Now everything is neat and tidy.
Has it stayed this way? Surprisingly, YES! Now, my kids are a little older but they’ve been good about putting everything back where it goes.
I would love to eventually customize this closet and get wider shelving in here, but for now, this will do.
One more thing, these baskets do take up quite a bit of room, which means I can’t get as much in here. What it has done though is make me cautious about what I’m buying and I’m not just buying a bunch of stuff that I really don’t need. My budget has liked that quite a bit!
What do you think? Do you like how it turned out?
If you’d like to shop these baskets, I’ve linked them here, but be aware, most of these are no longer in production so I’m tagging eBay items, which could sell out. If you’re looking for a particular basket just let me know and I can help track one down for you!

If used baskets aren’t your thing, you can shop brand new Longaberger baskets on my website HERE!

What To Grow in a Vertical Garden

What To Grow in a Vertical Garden 564 845 Jenn Pennell
What To Grow in a Vertical Garden

What to grow in a vertical garden

Hello Love!
Gardening has become Cal‚Äôs absolute favorite hobby. We planted a big vegetable garden in the backyard about a month ago and we got her this amazing vertical garden for her to plant whatever she wanted. We‚Äôre keeping it on our front porch, right outside her bedroom window and away from all the critters. ¬†We teamed up with GreenStalk Garden¬†for this¬†project so¬†she could plant her own food and watch it grow step by step.¬† Here’s what to grow in a vertical garden.
¬†We went to Lowe’s as soon as the kit arrived to pick out different seeds to plant. GreenStalk suggested we do a mix of both flowers and veggies so we grabbed a couple varieties of flowers along with lettuce, spinach, strawberries, and her favorite, broccoli. We also grabbed some marigolds because we heard they help keep insects away.
¬†You can grab a kit with 3 layers up to 5 but since she’s not too tall, we went with the 4 tier so she would be able to reach the water basin on top. We loaded up each section with lots of potting soil and started seeding.
TIP: Make sure to fill each pocket at least 1″ or less from the top to keep plants from breaking as they grow. We had ours too low and had to go back and fill in after sprouts started appearing.
What To Grow in a Vertical Garden
To water the flowers, all you need to do is fill up the water basin at the very top. Instead of flooding each pod with water, this is a drip system and waters each pocket at the same time.
What To Grow in a Vertical Garden
3 days later…
If you’re interested in trying one of these incredibly easy gardens, all you need to do is CLICK HERE and use my code SHAWAVENUE to save $10 off!
We hope you enjoyed our what to grow in a vertical garden blog post!

What To Grow in a Vertical Garden


Organizing your bathroom cabinets

Organizing your bathroom cabinets 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Hello love!
Well, who else has been cleaning their little hearts out since we’ve had all this time at home?
I certainly have.
My bathroom cabinets are ALWAYS a mess so I took a little time to get everything all organized. I used divider trays and Longaberger baskets to keep sections looking neat and everything easy to find.
I also went through and made sure to throw anything away I hadn’t use in a year or that had been open for more than 12 months.
All in all, it took me about an hour to do and I am so happy with how nice it looks now.
Let’s just hope I can keep it this way. ūüėČ

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Decorating With Longaberger Baskets

Decorating With Longaberger Baskets 1350 1600 Jenn Pennell
Decorating With Longaberger Baskets
Decorating With Longaberger Baskets
Hello Love!
As a long-time basket lover, I thought I would take you on a little home tour today and show you my tips on decorating with Longaberger baskets.
Decorating With Longaberger Baskets
  I love to bunch and stack them together to make a grouping in areas where I need height and texture, like above my kitchen cabinets or just to fill in bare spaces, like under my coffee table.
While they look beautiful to display, they’re also incredibly functional. They’ve been a complete¬†game-changer when it comes to organizing my house. I’ve used them in my¬†closet to hide things like belts and scarves, in my laundry to hold cleaning supplies and sewing notions, and in my pantry to keep all the food categories neat and tidy.
And then I use them for simple decorations around the home.

Decorating with Longaberger basketsLooking for more Longaberger Basket decor inspiration? Check out these blog posts:

How to organize the laundry room with baskets

How I organized my pantry with baskets

Decorating With Longaberger

So, are you a basket lover like me?
Longaberger and Dresden & Co. baskets are wonderful to display and use around your house.

If you find they’re a little out of your price range, don’t forget to look at eBay, antique¬†stores, and flea markets for some good deals!

Decorating with Longaberger baskets