Favorite things to pick up at antique stores

April 21, 2020
 Favorite things to pick up at antique stores
Hello Love!
Going to antique stores is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. My girls and I will grab my mom and go around Chattanooga once or twice a month and hit all of our favorite spots. Here are 5 of my favorite things to pick up at antique stores.
Today I thought I’d share with you 5 of my favorite home decor pieces I love to pick up while I’m scavenging.
 Favorite things to pick up at antique stores

1. Baskets

I love nothing more than a good quality basket. My mom collected Longaberger baskets years ago and filled our house with them. Once I got married and moved out, I did the same, using them to both decorate and store things away from sight.
Longaberger sadly went out of business a few years ago but I love to pick them up at great prices at antique stores and thrift shops.
If you’re interested in shopping for a new basket, shop on my Dresden & Company website HERE!

2. Mason jars

When we built our current house, we went with countertops that had a hint of blue in them. After finding a few aqua mason jars at a shop, I knew I wanted to display them in the kitchen. Along with my teal Pyrex collection, they add the perfect pop of color. These can be on the pricy side but I only buy them when I find them under $5.
 Favorite things to pick up at antique stores

3. Crocks

These are a great way to display things from artificial & dried flowers to using them to hold kitchen utensils.
These can be a little pricy so hold out until you find a good deal. I’ve never paid more than $20-30 for one.

4. Wood pieces such as frames, ladders, and windows

I’m a sucker for any old, chippy wood items. From tobacco baskets to old windows, I love to have earthly elements all around the house.
Here are some of my favorite pieces.
When I find architectural pieces in antique stores, I try to think out of the box on how to display and use them in my house. I found these old printer stamp drawers and decided to hang them in my laundry room to display all my essential oils.
 I also found an old box with shelves that I use to keep my old magazines.

5. Old quilts

Now, this collector piece can be a little on the pricy side, as some quilts can be hundreds of dollars but now and then you can find a VERY well-loved one for a great price. I don’t mind pieces that have a little damage to them as I like to display my favorites in my old ladder, as seen below.

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At the time that I’m writing this, we’re currently on stay-at-home orders due to the Covid-19 (Corona virus) outbreak. Since we haven’t been able to leave our homes for non-essential trips in almost 6 weeks, I’ve been shopping in my attic for old decor pieces that haven’t been out in a while. I found another crock with artificial flowers, a wood display piece, and many other things that I can use to give my spaces a fresh look.
As always, feel free to leave questions or comments below! I’d love to chat with you!
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