Oily Avenue // How we boosted my husband's testosterone levels 100 points using natural products 🚀

Like almost every other oily husband, it took a while for mine to come around to believing it all. However, after many routine physicals with the fire department, Jas' testosterone levels were dropping at a pretty alarming rate, as is the case with most firefighters. After being told that if his numbers dropped any lower in the fall of 2018 he would likely be put on synthetic medications, we knew we had to try something.

Idaho Blue Spruce was the #1 suggestion but it had been out of stock for months so we started him on two different supplements, Sulferzyme and PowergizeNingxia Red, and Northern Lights Black Spruce oil (an alternative for Idaho Blue Spruce) rolled every night on the inner ankle. A little after two months of starting them he went and had his levels checked again. Before the results even came back the nurse pretty much insisted he go ahead and start the meds...BEFORE the results even came back guys.

🚀 100 points 🚀
We had boosted his testosterone levels by 100 points. 🙌🏻

If you'd like more information on these products please feel free to reach out to me at shawavenue@outlook.com

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