Oily Avenue // My daily line-up of essential oils

I get asked allll the time about oils that I use and how/why I use them. Someday I will add more powerhouse oils to my arsenal (Dream Catcher, Trama Life, Helichrysum) but until then, here’s my daily routine, not including my supplements and Savvy makeup. 
🌿 Progessence Plus - my “AH HA!” oil. Great hormonal support serum. 4 drops on my forearm, twice a day (haven’t used a tampon since starting this 🙌🏻)

🌿 Endoflex - thyroid support rubbed on my neck in the morning and over my kidneys at night. 
🌿 Thieves toothpaste + orange oil - healthy, pearly whites. 
🌿 Frankincense - for all the things. ALLTHETHINGS. Just google it. 
🌿 Tea tree - keeping lice away & for toenail discoloration. 
🌿 Stress Away - ‘nough said. Rubbed all over. 
🌿 White Angelica - keeping all the negativity at bay. Drop on top of my head, rubbed on outside of ear lobes and on my shoulders. 
🌿Joy - one drop on the heart, every day. 
🌿 Valor - because sometimes I’m a big ol’ sissy. I basically drench myself in this multiple times daily. I’ve started applying to Brayden’s jawline at night to keep grinding to a minimum. 
🌿 Bergamot - 🎶 I wanna buy you everything, except cologne, cuz it’s poison.🎶 Name that tune!
🌿 Grapefruit - in my water all day, errr day. 1 drop in my stainless steel tumbler will usually last me through 2-3 refills. Citrus Fresh is yummo too, Vitality of course 😉
🌿 Sage + Cinnamon Bark - in the diffuser 24/7
🌿 Sensation, Goldenrod and Ylang Ylang - Because Hotness 💏(yes, I went there and you should too!! 🙌🏻)

Got questions? Ask away!


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