My Justin Gaffrey painting

June 6, 2019

Last year my son and I took a short trip down to 30a with my cousin Angela and in our rental house, there were these AMAZING 3D paintings by a local artist, Justin Gaffrey. We traveled over to his gallery and were AMAZED at his creative pieces. From abstract pieces with metal and oddities mixed in to his signature beauty wave paintings, we were in AWE of every piece. I met Justin’s assistant Brian at the gallery but Angela and her hubby Matt got to visit Justin himself in his main studio a few days later! I was only slightly jealous. ?
A few days after I arrived back home, a packaged arrived at my doorstep and I pretty much DIED when I opened it up. Justin and Brian has sent me my own painting as a thank you for visiting them! If this painting doesn’t scream J E N N, I don’t know what does!
We were so inspired by the piece that my girlies and I had to have our own paining fun! It’s not something we get to do often but we had the BEST time making a mess and creating some magic!
A HUGE  T H A N K  Y O U to Justin Gaffery and Brian Wood for your kind gift. I will cherish it forever.

2 responses to “My Justin Gaffrey painting”

  1. What a kind gesture on the artist's part. Justin Gaffrey seems like a nice person and everyone is smiling so a fun trip!

  2. Definitely! The whole staff was wonderful! Thanks for commenting! ?

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