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Four score and seven years ago...
No, that's not right.

F O C U S,   J E N N.
Let's try that again.

 Hi! Today I wanted to chat with you about WHY I got into oils and share a little bit about our personal story! Yes, I know what you're thinking, here she goes just trying to sell us some oils, but I PROMISE you that's not what this post is about. This post is to share how we used natural products (not just Young Living) to help improve sleep, beat acne, boost low testosterone, and help my son's breathing issues. Yes, all those things by just swapping out chemical-laden products for more natural, plant-based items.

Below are some of my family's personal testimonies. 

I am not a doctor. I do not aim to diagnose or offer treatment advice. I'm merely a mom choosing to share the successes of my family.

In the beginning when I first started hearing about oils, I was not interested for two reasons: I thought they were complete "woo-woo" nonsense and I had no interest in being a part of an MLM. Even when my son diagnosed with asthma at 5 years old and all my sweet friends were trying to convince me to just try them out, it was a big NOPE from me. Finally after medication after medication and years upon years of allergy shots, we (my son and I) had had enough. At the age of 5 he was prescribed 2 inhalers, a pill, a liquid medicine, and weekly/bi-weekly shots. Did his breathing get better? Yes, but after more than 7 years of going through this routine, all he managed to come off of was the pill. 7 years and still on everything else.

My sweet friend Jaclyn twisted my arm (kidding, kidding) and convinced me to have lunch with her to discuss how YL could help us. Even after that, I still wasn't convinced but decided that it was worth the $160 for the kit just to try the powerhouse trio lemonlavender, and peppermint (LLP) that everyone had been talking about. We started with them in his diffuser and on his feet every night and were really surprised by how much better he felt, almost immediately. 

Not only did we start diffusing and applying oils but I also started changing the products he was using.  Our oily Facebook educational group opened my eyes to new products and just how awful the ones I'd been using really were! I knew things like eating fast food wasn't good for us but WHO KNEW how terrible things like Vaseline, Neosporin, and the dyes in Dawn dish soap were? Y'all, I had no freaking idea! These were products that I trusted and used every day! WHY IN THE WORLD was I putting smoke & toxins into my babies and husband's lungs just because I wanted my house to smell good by burning a candle? What was I thinking?

Whew...sorry about that.

Back to asthma. 
We started diffusing LLP and changed out all of our cleaning supplies to Young Living's Thieves products. I started cleaning our dishes with the dish soap and dishwasher detergent & switched our Gain detergent and dryer sheets for Thieves detergent & wool dryer balls (+ lemongrass oil = HEAVEN). We stopped using Clorox wipes (seriously, have you read the instructions on these?) and started using Thieves Household Cleaner, baking soda, and vinegar to clean ALLTHETHINGS. 

After doing all of this for 6 months or so we went back to the allergist AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED...he is off of everything but a daily zyrtec and only gets shots right before his peak season in the fall. After a month or so of that, he's done for the year. YUP. 💪🏻
To maintain healthy immune systems, these are the products my kids use daily to keep them above the wellness line:
Peppermint Cedarwood bar soapKidScents toothpasteKidScents shampoo (with tea tree oil to ward off lice), MightyVites vitaminsMightyPro probiotics/prebioticsThieves oil (on the feet and down the spine daily), and Ningxia Red daily during tough seasons.
For the past year I have been fighting adult acne really bad. I had tried so many over the counter products and nothing was coming close to healing it. The products below + a low carb/low sugar diet have almost completely cured my acne problems. Oils + gut health are a magical combo, I'm telling ya!
Copaiba for zit inflammation, Frank for overall support, Acne Treatment for prevention, Tea Tree for spot treatments, and Progessence Plus for hormonal balance.
This is a BIG one guys. 👇🏻
(That's what she said 😏)

Like almost every other oily husband, it took a while for mine to come around to believing it all. However, after many routine physicals with the fire department, his testosterone levels were dropping at a pretty alarming rate, as is the case with most firefighters. After being told that if his numbers dropped any lower in the fall of 2018 he would likely be put on synthetic medications, we knew we had to try something.

Idaho Blue Spruce was the #1 suggestion but it had been out of stock for months so we started him on two different supplements, Sulferzyme and PowergizeNingxia Red, and Northern Lights Black Spruce oil (an alternative for Idaho Blue Spruce) rolled on the inner ankle . A little after two months of starting them he went and had his levels checked again. Before the results even came back the nurse pretty much insisted he go ahead and start the meds...BEFORE the results even came back guys.

🚀 100 points 🚀
We had boosted his testosterone levels by 100 points. 🙌🏻

Let's just say neither one of us think Young Living products are "woo-woo" anymore.
Our bodies have a funny way of telling us that we shouldn't be doing something, am I right?
Well, this spring my left elbow decided laundry was just not a task that I should to be doing and it started acting up every time I was pulled clothes out of the washing machine. It only hurt when I was doing that but one day when I was cleaning my front porch, I strained it moving my rocking chairs around. I dealt with it for a while but then I started losing sleep when I would lay on my side and the pain just got worse and worse. I jumped in our educational group, did some research, and threw Regenolone in my ER cart. After a week of using these guys + an ice pack, gone.
Below are the items we use daily to maintain healthy teeth.
Natural toothpastes, mouth wash, Frank for healthy gums, and orange for whiter teeth. No cavities in our house! 💪🏻
After having children, my sleep never went back to normal. My creative, entrepreneurial mind NEVER shut off and I was prone to waking up between 1:30-3 every single night and rarely fell back asleep. I hadn't been lucky at finding the right oil diffuser combo to help me either and had tried pretty much everything to help me stay asleep.

I had been very good at taking my supplements every morning but a few days in a row time had gotten by me and I had to take them at night before bed...and for the first time in almost 12 years I had slept every night in a row. My curious mind, once again, went digging into information and I learned that our digestive system can be very active at night, and more specifically, it was active around the time I was waking up every night. Funny how taking a few digestive supplements at bedtime broke my terrible routine of not getting enough sleep.
Below are the supplements I take daily. Super B is the only vitamin I take in the morning now and everything else is taken at bedtime.

Be sure to check back here often as I'm sure we will be adding more things that work well for us!

To shop any YL products in this post just head on over to my YL website: https://www.myyl.com/shawavenue


Caits Cozy Corner said...

oh my gosh! this story is everything! my kids also had trouble breathing and using a few of these throughout the house and in their rooms really helped them breathe easier and i love how easy it is to use and take with me on the go! Such a lover of YL!

huda said...

So glad they ended up working well for you! And i would like to say that i love your writing style. So relatable :)

Nipa said...

I tried out a few YL oils about 10 years ago and didn't realize how much more they offered (supplements, toothpaste etc.) Do they really last indefinitely? I still have some peppermint and orange left! Nipa

Shaw Avenue Blog said...

Girl! I'm so glad! Young Living is so much more than just a business! It's life changing! Thanks for visits my blog! 💕

Shaw Avenue Blog said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate you visiting my blog! 💕

Shaw Avenue Blog said...

Definitely girl! As long as they've been stored in a dark, cool place they should be just fine! Thanks for visiting my blog! 💕

Jasmine Watts said...

Wow, this is great! My sister gave me one but I haven't been able to use it yet. Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely open that gift and give it a try.

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