May 13, 2019
Hello Love!
Mom life is hard y’all.
I always thought that the kids early stages of life would be the hardest but this growing up stuff is for the birds.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the days of diaper bags and double strollers with a “leash” backpack for the oldest was by no means a piece of cake, but running the kids here and there and the feeding them and homework and playdates and practices and feeding them and the constant buying of new shoes and the feeding them…..ok, you get the picture.
Then there are these times.  The times when we get to stop and just love on them and treat them.  These kiddos have been raised to cherish all the things, big and little.   There’s no need to constantly buy them the newest gadget or load the playroom full of crap.  A simple trip to get a sno cone is sometimes all that is needed.
We have a few sno cone shops in our little town but this one is by far our favorite.  The shaved ice is simply dreamy.   It’s incredibly smooth and soft and i’ve never had anything like it.  I am 100% a “tiger’s blood” fan but my kids change it up every time we go.  Kiwi, bubble gum, wild thing (whatever that is); it’s always something new for them.
Do you have a favorite shaved ice flavor that i need to try?  Do you have a Pelican’s Snoballs near you?

Shirt // past season Old Navy (similar here)
Shorts // Kohls
Shoes // Gizze Handmade
Watch // JORD
Bracelet // Etsy
Sunnies // RayBan (similar here)

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  1. Love these shoes!!

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