5 ways to save money on Poshmark!

Summer break is officially here and I'm excited to get to chat with you on a more regular basis! I've had a bit of re-branding going on the past few weeks and I'm excited that my new blog design has finally launched, my newsletter is ready to go, and all the content goodness that I've had stored in my brain will make it to you very soon! I have a few months of content planned out and I'm hoping you love it all! 

If you ever have anything you want me to cover here on Shaw Avenue, just let me know in the comments below!

Today though I wanted to chat with you about my new favorite website, Poshmark. I have always been a bargain hunter and love finding deals at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, eBay, and all my local thrift shops. EBay has been a love of mine since it started and it's been my go-to place to grab great deals on all my favorite designer clothes, but when my cousin Angela Lanter introduced me to Poshmark, I was hooked! I've been finding INCREDIBLE deals on everything from my beloved Lilly Pulitzer to Dooney & Bourke purses.

I've been able to snag some amazing deals through Poshmark (and sell some things to help my bank account out) so today I thought I would share some of my favorite tips and tricks to finding the best deals on the site!
  1. Using the app makes finding and purchasing 100 times easier than using the desktop.
  2. If you're on a budget, use filters when searching. It's nice to narrow down price limits so you  can make sure to not over spend. I always love to search for items under $25.
  3. Always "like" an item that you want to keep you eye on, not only to save it so you can keep checking it, BUT sellers also see that you've liked it and may offer you an additional discount on both the item and shipping! It doesn't hurt to go ahead and hit that "bundle" button while you're at it. 😉
  4. Always negotiate! You're allowed to put in an offer on any item that you're interested in, which is GREAT! Just be kind though. A seller is more likely to work with you if you're not trying to take advantage.
  5. Be patient. This is a hard one for me because I have a real fear of missing a good deal. If the item you've got your eye on doesn't have a lot of likes or comments, the seller may drop the price and then you can negotiate it a little further!
If you have any other tips and tricks you use to score great deals on Poshmark, I would love to know them! Drop them in the comments below!

If you'd like to follow my closet on Poshmark, just CLICK HERE!


@diti WS said...

I LOVE that combination !! So Fab 💃💃

Shayla said...

I haven't ever really looked at Poshmark before, but I will now!

Chronically Caffeinated Mom said...

Love your style! Super cute, simple and eye-catching. I've always found Poshmark a little overwhelming because there are just SO many things to choose from! I'll have to give it another go though and see what I can score under $25!

Shaw Avenue Blog said...

Thank you! I appreciate you visiting my blog! 💕

Shaw Avenue Blog said...

Do it girl! Let me know if you snag any good deals! Thanks for visiting! 💕

Shaw Avenue Blog said...

Definitely do girl! Using the under $25 filter definitely helps! Thanks for visiting my blog! 💕

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