Lookout Mountain, Tennessee 101 guide

Monday, April 22, 2019

Lookout Mountain Tennessee Georgia. Lookout Mountain Guide. Rock City, Ruby Falls, RiverView Inn, Clumpies Ice Cream
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, is a southern icon that appears in wide view as you drive down the I-24 ridgecut coming into Chattanooga, Tennessee. It's one of the key reasons Chattanooga got the nickname, the "Scenic City." This majestic mountain's base starts at the Tennessee River and runs into both Georgia and Alabama.

If you've ever traveled through Tennesse, you've surely seen "See Rock City" or "See Ruby Falls, Lookout Mtn" painted along barns and signs along the highways. I've seen these markers my entire life but had never visited these fun attractions until Angela & Matt Lanter came for a visit in 2013!

My dear friend (and PR goddess) Meagan called us this summer and asked if we'd like to take a visit up the mountain.  We knew the kids were old enough to take it all in and would love seeing all the sights.