She said "I think I'll go to Boston."

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hello Love!
A few weeks go my husband and I were lucky enough to cross one of our biggies off our bucket list: visiting Boston.
As long-time Red Sox fans, we couldn't have been more excited to learn that I had won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Boston, courtesy of Charles River Apparel!  Thanks to all my friends and their support of my little blog, they engaged TO THE MAX on my giveaway I hosted along with CRA and I was the winner!  We booked the trip a few weeks later and it was AMAZING! 
My little history-loving heart was full the entire time. From seeing the Boston Commons to watching the Red Sox take on (the now World Series winner) Houston Astros to taking a boat ride on the Charles River, I couldn't get enough.

We met the owner and wonderful employees at Charles River while we were there and got to take a tour of the plant! I got to see new prototypes, talk one-on-one with the designer and talked all things monogramming with them!  Seriously, seeing how they work was so much fun!
Have you ever been to Boston? It's been weeks and I still can't get enough of it!
💚 Sending out a H U G E thanks to Charles River Apparel for taking us on this trip of a lifetime and sponsoring this post! Love you guys!!💚

Monogrammed duffle bag - c/o Marleylilly // Green rain jacket - c/o Charles River Apparel (on sale now at Marleylilly) // Monogrammed weathered pullover - c/o Marleylilly // Gray striped sweater - c/o Duffield Lane

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