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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hello Love!
The Target girls isle has struck again and this time it was this perfect little shirt dress from the Cat & Jack collection.  It was front and center in the new display  The colors are so perfect and my girls were very jealous that they were already sold out in their sizes.
On Monday I'm off to AmericasMart in Atlanta to go shopping for my mom's Hallmark store.  If you've never heard of AmericasMart, it's where retail shop owners go and buy all their product.  It consists of three buildings in downtown Atlanta that's floor after floor of showrooms that you go and see all the new products for the upcoming seasons.  Each building consists of 15+ floors each with approx. 20+ showrooms on each floor.  IT'S THE BEST!
The only downfall, most of the products are order only and you can't buy it on-the-spot.  There are a few places though that are a cash-and-carry so we'll definitely be hitting those booths.
Make sure you're following me on Instagram because I'll be catching up with a lot of my favorite companies like The Home T, Haley and the Hound, Swig, Gretchen Scott Designs, Scout bags, and Sloane Ranger!

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