Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hello Love!
If you're a lover of fashion like me, you know that one of the best shopping days of the year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, is tomorrow.  Every year in July, Nordies releases all the new, trendy items for fall and puts them all on sale!! The newest blouses, sweaters, jeans, boots, & handbags can be purchased anywhere from 30-60% off!  
Now, I know what you're's 95 degrees outside; how can I possibly shop for winter clothes now?  Well my friend, why pay full-price later when you can save some serious cash now?! YOU KNOW you're going to need a new winter coat this year so why not buy it now on sale?
If you're a Nordstrom cardholder then the sale starts tomorrow for you.  If you don't have one, the sale opens to the public on July 21st.
We won't know what's all on sale till 12:00 am PST tonight but they did give us a sneak peak in their catalog.  Here's a few of my favorite things!
I love this sale and can't wait to see what all the new trends will be for fall!

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