Donuts + Pink Walls

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hello Love!
This week is bittersweet because my babies go back to school on Friday.
Wait, what?! School's back in session already?  YES!  I cannot believe this summer is already gone.  I feel like these last few weeks have been so busy that it's just slipped by us.  We've had football practice almost every morning from 7-9 am, swim lessons, baseball lessons, baseball tryouts,'s been pretty jammed packed!
While the Bubs was at football practice one morning, the girls and I ventured to our local Dunkin' Donuts to grab some of our favorite donuts and lots of coffee for the Momma.  During our drive back we found this awesome pink wall on our Baskin Robbins!  We had to pull over and snap a few photos because you have to take photos in front of a pink wall, amiright?!
I wanted to share a little with you about a new company I recently discovered called Agnes & Dora.  I'm all about clothes that are easy to wear, not so trendy to where you only get one season out of them, and are at a price point that anyone can afford them.  The company was started by a mom out of her garage and I love to hear stories of small businesses that start like that!  I was contacted by local team, Agnes & Dora by Flucy & Lucy and we teamed up to show you my favorite piece from their collection, the frill sleeve top! The fabric is so incredibly soft and I love how versatile this piece is!  I can't wait till cooler weather when I can pair it with my favorite jeans and olive army vest! Be sure to check them out and shop their dresses, leggings, tops, skirts, and cover-ups!
Shirt - Agnes & Dora by Flucy & Lucy c/o //  Pants - JCrew // Shoes - Gizze Handmade c/o // Scarf - Daisy Faye Designs c/o // Watch - JORD watches c/o

And I'm off!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hello Love!
The Target girls isle has struck again and this time it was this perfect little shirt dress from the Cat & Jack collection.  It was front and center in the new display  The colors are so perfect and my girls were very jealous that they were already sold out in their sizes.
On Monday I'm off to AmericasMart in Atlanta to go shopping for my mom's Hallmark store.  If you've never heard of AmericasMart, it's where retail shop owners go and buy all their product.  It consists of three buildings in downtown Atlanta that's floor after floor of showrooms that you go and see all the new products for the upcoming seasons.  Each building consists of 15+ floors each with approx. 20+ showrooms on each floor.  IT'S THE BEST!
The only downfall, most of the products are order only and you can't buy it on-the-spot.  There are a few places though that are a cash-and-carry so we'll definitely be hitting those booths.
Make sure you're following me on Instagram because I'll be catching up with a lot of my favorite companies like The Home T, Haley and the Hound, Swig, Gretchen Scott Designs, Scout bags, and Sloane Ranger!

Tips from a shoe addict

Friday, July 14, 2017

Hello Love!
Did you know that if you wear a size 7 in women's shoes, you can wear a 5 in girls? 
I know, RIGHT?!
I scored these adorable Cat & Jack sandals for only $5.98 the other day at Target in the clearance section!  Our clearance sections are always a hit or miss, especially in the kids department.  My girls LOVE Target shoes but we always have a hard time finding them in their sizes.  I didn't even think to try a 5 on myself to see if they fit!  They usually have very cute colors and styles for girls so I'm glad I can take full advantage of it now!  They had a lot in size 5 to choose from too!  
So 7 women = 5 girls
6 women = 4 girls
5 women = 3 girls
Let me know if you'll be able to use this awesome tip and if you score any great deals yourself!

Shirt - Velvet Heart (similar here) // Jeans  - KanCan // Shoes - Cat & Jack (Target) // Sunnies - RayBan (similar here) // Tumbler - SWIG c/o

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hello Love!
If you're a lover of fashion like me, you know that one of the best shopping days of the year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, is tomorrow.  Every year in July, Nordies releases all the new, trendy items for fall and puts them all on sale!! The newest blouses, sweaters, jeans, boots, & handbags can be purchased anywhere from 30-60% off!  
Now, I know what you're's 95 degrees outside; how can I possibly shop for winter clothes now?  Well my friend, why pay full-price later when you can save some serious cash now?! YOU KNOW you're going to need a new winter coat this year so why not buy it now on sale?
If you're a Nordstrom cardholder then the sale starts tomorrow for you.  If you don't have one, the sale opens to the public on July 21st.
We won't know what's all on sale till 12:00 am PST tonight but they did give us a sneak peak in their catalog.  Here's a few of my favorite things!
I love this sale and can't wait to see what all the new trends will be for fall!

A bunch of cuties playing putt-putt golf

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hello Love!
Summer time is all about family time.  Our school years are so jam-packed that we need our summers to just B R E A T H E.
One of our favorite things to do in Daytona is putt-putt golf.  We've been to about every course along the strip but this one took the cake this year.  It was new, beautiful, and the course was so much fun! The best part?  Everyone scored a hole-in-one except good ol' dad!  Man, did the kiddos rub that in his face the rest of the day!
Dress - Duffield Lane c/o // Tote bag - DaisyFayeDesigns c/o // Sunnies - Leather & Wood Co. c/o // Watch - JORD Watches c/o // Shoes - Gizze Handmade c/o // Cal dress - Lilly Pulitzer (similar here and here) // Cal shoes - Jack Rogers // RJ crop top - Lilly Pulitzer // RJ leggings - Lilly Pulitzer // RJ shoes - Birkenstock

all about that modest swimwear

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hello Love!
Before I had kids, I wouldn't have dreamed of ever wearing a one-piece bathing suit. 
Nope. Yuck. Eww. 
My, how times have changed. 😂
My insecurities win every summer as I try to find the perfect suit to cover up all the parts of myself that I hate; the extra fluff around my waist, the fact that I have a terribly flat chest, all those things that most women struggle with this time of year.  
This year, I decided that I just don't care...somewhat.

First up is this amazing bikini & swim romper set from Doliray Swimwear c/o.
My sweet IG friend, Karli over at everyday_ellis (whom I love because she's all about modesty), posted about an amazing swim set and I knew I had to have one.  I've worn this set a lot and have received more compliments on it than any other swimsuit I've ever had.
Romper // Bikini bra top // High-waisted bottom

The second awesome suit I got was this awesome two-piece from Beverly Swim c/o.
It's the perfect match for comfort and cute!  I love that there's a little bit of skin in the middle but it keeps that muffin top in check. 😉✅ There's a lot of great padding in the top to help us flat-chested girls look like we got a little sumthin' sumthin' up there!
She had so many great suits that it was hard to choose one.  I fell in love with this geometric floral print but these are some of my other favorites!

Last but not least is my good ol' one-piece.
I found this LaBlanca number at TJMaxx and it's pretty much perfect.  Paired here with my LuLaRoe Bianka from my dear friend Lisa Rossiter, it's perfect for walking the shore collecting seashells.
Suit - LaBlanca // Kimono - LuLaRoe from Lisa Rossiter // Sunnies - Leather & Wood Co. c/o