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May 2017

For the love of summer

For the love of summer 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Hello Love!!
The school year is finally coming to a close.  
It’s been a long and stressful year and I’m ready for summer break to be here and stay. We’re just a few weeks away from our Florida vacation and I’ve already started packing my suitcase (full of Lilly, of course).
Y’all know my love for LuLaRoe and this beautiful Carly was a piece I received free for hosting a party a few weeks ago.  The weathered teal is absolutely beautiful and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen it quite a few times already.  Have you tried a Carly?  I love the flowy comfy feel of this dress and I have it in 4 colors.
Let’s talk about this bag for a second.  Cross body bags  When juggling three kids hands, I ain’t got time to juggle a purse on my arm or shoulder.  When my dear friend Kim at DaisyFayeDesigns created this Rifle Paper crossbody, I knew I had to have it.   It is super soft and has multiple pockets.  It’s so lightweight, you won’t even realize you’re wearing it.
Do you have plans for summer?  I’d love to know what you’ve got planned!
I’m going to try to squeeze a trip out to LA to see Angela Lanter too!

Dress – LuLaRoe // Sandals – Birkenstocks // Watch – Jord // Purse – DaisyFayeDesigns // Necklace – Boutique //Bracelets – Boutique // Sunnies – RayBan

Where life is gonna lead you

Where life is gonna lead you 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Who on earth would have known I would become a blogger…and a fashion blogger at that.
5, 10 years ago I would have been the least likely girl to EVER show off any type of styling photos and would have never had a single tip to give any one on how to look good.  Even having worked as an Assistant Manager at American Eagle, I was always dressing on the more “homely” side, always wearing a t-shirt and jeans because it was easy and wearing my hair pulled back in a pony tail because I hated my curls and had no idea how to properly maintain the beast.
 It wasn’t until after a few years of owning my own gift shop that I realized that if I wanted to sell it, I had to wear it!  There was something about seeing a product on a human being and not a sitting on a store shelf that made all the difference! I started giving a hoot about what I was wearing and soon realized that that little extra effort I put into making myself presentable actually made me FEEL GOOD!
I had never realized it. 
When I dressed frumpy, I felt frumpy, but when I felt that I looked good, I FELT GOOD. 

Moms are the worst at putting themselves at the very bottom of the list but we cannot do that to ourselves.  I promise that if you’d put yourself up a few notches, it would do wonders for you.  I’m by no means saying go out and spend tons of money on yourself.  Use what your have in your closet.  Layer. Mix and match. Almost anything goes nowadays and you just have to step outside of your comfort zone a bit. 
Sometimes I win and sometimes I fail, but I always own it.  Self confidence is something a lot of us lack and you just have to find it and be proud!
You can do it!

Shirt // Unknown    Pants // Mossimo    Ballet Flats // Fuchsia Tieks    Necklace // Swell Caroline

Laptop Case // Barrington    Sunnies // JCrew (similar here)     Mug // Lilly Pulitzer

Special Shout-out to both Barrington Gifts & Swell Caroline for gifting these great goodies for this post!  I love you!

Always remember, I am here for you!

Comment! Email! Message me on Facebook or Instagram and I will ALWAYS help you out!  I love getting second opinions on things I’m going to buy (Thanks Ang & Mom) so always feel free to ask me!  The easiest place to get me is Instagram (because it’s my favorite) and Facebook! Upload a pic or send a message.