Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hello Love!
If you've been following me any length of time, you already know about my love affair with LuLaRoe.   I've never met a LuLa I didn't like and when I find a print that I love, I get so excited and.have.to.have.it.  Did you know there are only 5,000 pieces made of every print made?
That's it.  5,000!
 After they're split up between all the consultants (approx. 70,000 of them), your chances of seeing the print twice is uncommon.  When I fall for a piece there's no second chance to buy it. There's no going back the next day and it being there, because someone else loves probably loves it too.  Man, those LuLa marketers are GENIUSES!
This post is all about the Unicorn.
Wait, hold up.
How about those unicorn head bands?!  AREN'T THEY THE BEST?!  I met Annie from Brooklyn Owl at Americasmart this year and she gave me these horns for my girls.  My girls love them so much that my little one even sleeps in it!
Ok, back to LLR.  A unicorn piece is what they call their most sought after pieces. They're extra special prints that everyone's hunting for.  The pieces here are our unicorns.
My youngest, Cal, is BIG TIME into big cats right now and RJ is all about outer space.  I love these little dresses so much and that they can be worn all year long.
My piece? Well, I've never seen any other item with this dandelion print in color.  I'm a frequent eBay shopper and have only seen this pattern in black & white.  I'm so glad I was able to snatch it up!

If you're new to LuLaRoe and would love to check out their pieces I've got two gals that would be more than happy to help you out.
  My girl Ashley McCoy and I worked at good ol' AE back in the day and is my go-to local girl.  She's the one I blame for starting this addiction.
My second LuLa girl is Lisa Rossiter.  She collaborated with me here at Shaw Avenue and I just love her. I'm so very thankful for our sweet friendship. 

As always, I'm here for any questions or comments that you may have!

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