Cheerful Spring Farmhouse Dining Room

March 19, 2017
Hello Love!
Spring Break is officially over (insert tears) but I am so thankful for a week off with my little family and the good it did for this homebody’s soul.
I started off the week by doing a little rearranging throughout the house.  I’m on this “simplicity” kick where I just want to get rid of all the junk that I haven’t used in the past year or two.  While deep cleaning my floors I moved this little corner hutch out of the room and fell in love with it being gone.  I’ve had this piece for a few years now and decided I didn’t need two curios in my kitchen/dining area.  I was tempted to sell it because it really doesn’t fit anywhere in my house and knew my hubs would gripe about storing it in the attic.  I left it sitting in the den all week but finally decided that I just couldn’t part with it.  I moved it back into it’s home this afternoon and knew instantly that that’s where it needed to stay.  It’s a little cramped, but I still just love it.
I found all these A M A Z I N G Easter goodies in the dollar section at Target a few weeks ago and knew the kiddos would love the table decorated for Spring.  Now that hopefully the winter gloom is gone for good, it was time to get it decorated.  I pulled out my trusty aqua chargers and classic white dishes and it was basically done.  I basically use the same pieces for every season and I don’t see any problem with it.  ?
In my old house, the kitchen colors were black and red (ugh, YUCK) so when we build the new house I knew I wanted to go with more neutrals with just pops of color.  The basic motif is cream and brown with aqua/turquoise thrown in.  When I started shopping for decor at my local antique stores I knew the blue mason jars were just the touch i needed throughout the space.  Then Pyrex became popular again and I started collecting the aqua Butterprint pieces.  
They are perfection.
Hope you enjoyed this little peek at our dining space!


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