Magnolias for Mawmaw

January 13, 2017
Hello Love!
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I lost my Mawmaw last year.  I am so lucky that I got to spend almost 34 years with this good ol’ Southern woman and I am still completely heartbroken that she’s gone.

She made the best coffee I’ve ever had and loved magnolia trees. She was never afraid to tell you exactly what she was thinking and always had a story to tell.  She loved to give you “sugar” every time you walked by and she loved to dance.

I recently did some redecorating in my master bathroom and I had the hardest time finding the perfect piece to go over the loo.  I got this AMAZING decorative window frame from Joe over at WoodTurtleDesigns on Etsy and I knew it would be perfect in there.  This piece is HUGE!  My sweet husband hung it up right away and I knew it needed a wreath in the middle, like Joe had shown in his picture.  I used seashells here and there in the design so at first I decided I would make a seashell wreath from the shells we collected in Daytona last summer. Then I changed my mind.  I knew I needed a magnolia wreath. One that she would have loved.  

Now, I love me some natural green leaves, but it just wouldn’t have looked right in my gray/tan/blue bathroom so I opted for the dead leaves and I think they look incredible.  I found a tutorial on Pinterest (follow me here!) and went collecting leaves with my son.  I am so happy with how it turned out!
The overall design for this room was inspired by simplicity.  I’m definitely not a hoarder, but I can still do with less. Starting with this room, I’m starting to simplify.  Starting to minimize.  
Every room needs it and it will get done.  The less clutter there is means there’s less to clean, less to organize which means more time for my people.  More time for things we love.
Let’s go!

Window frame // c/o WoodTurtleDesigns on Etsy & Facebook
Shower curtain // Target
Window curtain // Target (this was long and I cut it down to fit my valance)
Lantern // c/o Diana’s Hallmark
Candle // Tuesday Morning
Soap dispenser // Target
Towels // Target
Vine wreath // Southeastern Wholesale 

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