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November 2016

Easy pumpkin dump cake

Easy pumpkin dump cake 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Hello Love!
Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving already?!  Where in the world has the year gone? 
Thanksgiving is one if my favorite holidays, mostly because I get to eat the best food in the world that day.  There’s seriously nothing better than my mom’s stuffing!
One dish I love to make for fall is this delicious (and easy) pumpkin dump cake! 
Pumpkin Dump Cake 
1 (20 oz) can pure pumpkin 
1 (12 oz) can evaporated milk 
3 whole eggs 
1 c. white sugar 
3 t.cinnamon 
1 Betty Crocker Supermoist yellow cake mix
3/4 cup butter

Mix pumpkin, milk, eggs, sugar, & cinnamon until well blended.
 Spread pumpkin mixture in prepared baking dish. 
Sprinkle cake mix evenly on top of the batter. 
Place butter over the top of the cake mix. 
Bake 50 min @ 350.


JORD Wood Watch

JORD Wood Watch 150 150 Jenn Pennell
Hello Love!
Over the past year and a half, I’ve been showing you what I love: my family, my fashion, and just life in general. When it comes to the fashion though, I am showing you the things that I love.  I’m not here to promote a bunch of crap, I’m showing you the things that I truly treasure and that I think you’ll love as well.
Y’all know I love scoring great pieces, whether it be at Goodwill, on eBay, or at JCrew, but i REALLY love when I get to collaborate with and introduce fantastic companies to you.
JORD Wood Watches is a company that IHAVEBEENDYING to work with.  I’ve been seeing all these fabulous bloggers wearing these incredible watches andivebeensooooojealous,
hashtag #greenwithenvy
Then I get an email from them…🎉🎉🎉 “Work with us”, they say. “Heeeeeck YES”, I say!
A wood watch…isn’t that just the coolest?!  I can’t even.  I immediately fell in love with the Frankie 35 in the Dark Sandalwood + slate face with the rose gold colored display.
 I mean guys, it is sooooo beautiful.
Not only do I get to work with them but YOU get a chance to win a $75 e-gift code for your very own watch!!  AND you will receive a $20 e-gift code just for entering! Christmas is just around the corner and what a wonderful gift this would be for yourself or the one you love.  All you need to do is enter your name & email in this link –>  You will receive an email with the $20 code and one lucky winner will receive a $75 after the contest has ended.
The watch.
The packaging.
I die.

(The contest will close 11/27/16 at 11:59pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire on 2/28/17)
Booties // Vince Camuto
Watch // c/o JORD Wood Watches 

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