The perfect top

Hello Love!
Yesterday we celebrated my fabulous JCrew loving friend Stephanie's 41st birthday!  We dined, people watched, shopped, and dined some more. We started at Tupelo Honey with their relish biscuits & jam, i devoured the chicken BLT, and watched all sorts of people strolling around the mall. We ventured on to JCrew and Anthropologie, where I wanted to buy one of E V E R Y T H I N G.  
I went looking in particular for the Tocca "Florence" perfume and thought I would try the sampler bottles first.  It's amazing how smelling them in the store can be completely different than actually wearing it.  It can smell so different on you!  This top was one of the first pieces I picked up and fell in love immediately.  There's just something about crocheted pieces!  I wasn't going to get it at first because it was short sleeved but because they were running a 30% off tops sale, I couldn't resist! I'm so glad I bought it.  It would have been a regret if I would have went home without it!
Happy Sunday!

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