Hello toothpaste

Hello toothpaste

Hello toothpaste 150 150 Jenn Pennell
 I have always hated the taste of toothpaste.
When I received my Scout box of goodies from my SavvySassyMoms, I thought to myself “bubble gum, blue raspberry, and green apple toothpaste?!  No, not my cup of tea…”
The kiddos were ESTATIC!
 The packaging was simply adorable and they each got their own tube. They tried them all out and absolutely LOVED them!

After about an hour of begging (and bugging), Tootie finally talked me into trying it.  I went with the green apple and let’s just say that Bub’s tube will be empty soon.  Hopefully he won’t notice that it’s disappearing fast!

Here’s a little more about their toothpaste…
“a wink for their sink.

now kids can get in on all of the friendly action, too. free from mint and featuring flavors like bubble gum, green apple and blue raspberry, hello kids toothpaste will make them rush for the brush, without all the fuss.

hello kids toothpaste prevents cavities, polishes teeth and strengthens enamel, without preservatives, dyes, triclosan, microbeads, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. our pastes feature xylitol, stevia and a gentle silica that polishes those little pearlies so well, the tooth fairy’s gonna need shades. magic.”

 Thanks to my SavvySassyMoms & to hello products for making my kiddos super happy and healthy!