Pantone color of the year: Rose Quartz

April 7, 2016

Hello Love!
It’s been a loooooong week hasn’t it?  It feels like Saturday was forever ago and I think that this little cold snap is what has made the week feel like it’s been dragging.  I was so used to wearing sandals and dresses that it was a struggle to put long pants and jackets back on this week.  
Jenny + cold weather = no good.
Monday we had a beauuutiful day and I was to be able to get out and take some pictures. I feel like I’ve gotten so far behind on my posts lately and I’m so thankful the warm weather will be here to stay very soon.  
Last week I showed you a fabulous tote bag from Urban Expressions and this week I’m featuring the second bag I received from them, the Hudson.
I mean…how absolutely fabulous is this pink bag?!  I die! 
I’m not gonna lie, I am the WORST on making color decisions about things.  When I have many color options, it’s a struggle…that’s probably a good reason why I love discount shopping so much.  You usually only have one to choose from, right?!
Gray is such a goooooood neutral color to have in you closet, but guys, there was just something about that pink that I just couldn’t turn away from!
There are only only a few colors left on their website as well so don’t wait too long to grab this gorgeous bag!

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